June 7, 2023

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Global Warming | Historic heat wave in Greece, Balkans and Turkey

Global Warming |  Historic heat wave in Greece, Balkans and Turkey

(Athens) The heat wave that swept across southeastern Europe and Turkey on Thursday pushed residents for some cooling to beaches, air-conditioned areas and even public fountains.

Burning forest fires in some places also increased the heat. Three deaths and dozens of hospitals were reported in southern Turkey.

More than 40 in many areas

In many places, especially in Greece, Mercury exceeds 40. Meteorologists have warned that the heat wave will continue in Athens since the mid-1980s.

Air-conditioned shelters were opened in the Greek capital, but air-conditioned public spaces were restricted by health regulations.

“The continuous heat wave is a dangerous weather phenomenon, lasting at least until the end of next week, with little difference between minimum and maximum temperatures,” said Theodoris Colidas, director of the Greek Meteorological Service.

Bush fires threaten homes for the third day in a row in Greece. Especially in the west near Patras, the third largest city in the country, fires burned.

Leaders of Serbia, Bulgaria, Bosnia and Herzegovina and other affected countries called on the population not to be exposed to direct sunlight in the middle of the day.

In northern Macedonia, pregnant women and those over 60 are allowed to attend work until the end of the week. Construction companies were ordered to suspend their operations between 11 a.m. and 5 p.m.

Rising global temperatures

As rising global temperatures cause increasing volatility, meteorologists say severe weather events such as deadly floods in Germany and wildfires in western North America are likely to increase.

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“If we think about it around the world, we’ve had some very severe weather events recently, 49.6 degrees Celsius in Canada, which is always high,” said Mike Kendon, a meteorologist with the World Meteorological Organization.

When we look at such observations, it is far from what we have seen before. Such an event is impossible to describe without human influence on the environment.

World Meteorological Organization Climatologist Mike Kendon.

2020 is one of the three hottest years on record, according to the UN agency. It was the hottest year ever measured in Europe.

Across the continent, a study released on Thursday warns that the UK is increasingly hot and humid due to climate change and believes that the ten warmest years in the last century have been recorded since 2002.

Annual State of the UK Climate Report published by the International Journal of Climatology, 2020 Fifth Moisture Year and 19th to Third HottestE Century. It averaged 5.3 degrees Celsius in the UK last winter, 1.6 degrees higher than the 1981-2010 average.

Summer temperatures average 0.8 degrees Celsius above 14.8 degrees Celsius. He did at least 34 for six consecutive days in August 2020.

Although the world has succeeded in limiting global warming to 1.5 degrees above pre-industrial levels, the report warns that mercury in the UK is likely to rise to 40 to in the next few years.