November 27, 2022

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Japan 2020: Simon Piles suffered

Japan 2020: Simon Piles suffered

Catherine Saward and Mary-Sophie Harvey fully understand the decision of American gymnasts icon Simon Byles to withdraw from the competition due to mental health issues and to welcome her choice.

The two swimmers on the Canadian Olympic team have also experienced difficult times and questioning periods over the years. “I believe the withdrawal of Simon Piles will open the eyes,” Saward said. Being an athlete means you are human and you experience emotions. “

“Even though people only saw the podiums, it was very difficult to be a top athlete and we all chased the bronze medalist in Rio in 2016 in the 4x200m freestyle relay. Many athletes were left to defend themselves.”

In a text published on Radio-Canada’s podium, Harvey said he tried to kill himself as his career deteriorated and made derogatory remarks about her weight. Her mother screamed for help.

“It takes a lot of strength and courage to go out like piles,” she says. Its release will do good to young people in a similar situation. Athletes are considered invincible. They are afraid to tell, for fear that they will be judged. All athletes have their monsters. “

Are there adequate resources to support athletes facing problems? “The answer is not 100 percent,” Harvey said bluntly. Although the situation is improving, there are not enough resources. “

A member of the quartet that allowed Canada to qualify for the 4x200m freestyle final, Saward and Harvey stood for the final race. Despite the national record, Canada is close to the podium. China, the United States and Australia swam the old world record mark. The new symbol is 7:40:33.

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“The position was disappointing, but not the result,” Saward said. The girls broke the Canadian record. I never thought Chinese women would be this good. I loved participating in the finals. The strategy is to keep the girls mostly relaxed. “

“I loved the final swim, but I wanted the girls to play well,” Harvey added. It’s a little pinch to finish in 4E Upstairs, but you can not be disappointed because the girls gave their 100 percent. “