May 23, 2022

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Mary Choice … | The Journal of Montreal

Mary Choice ... |  The Journal of Montreal

After the new governor-general is sworn in, Justin Trudeau prepares to ask her for a small favor: the election.

Mary Simon, who was just installed in Rideau Hall, received a letter from Jagmeet Singh asking her not to take note. Welcome to the deep end of the Governor General Swimming Pool!

Another governor-general, Michael Jean, faced a similar problem when Stephen Dion, Jack Layton and Gilles Duseppe conspired to overthrow Stephen Harper.

Harper decided to remove the plot in Parliament to return after this “prologue”. To do this he needs M’s blessingTo me Jeans. Constitutional experts from Meech and Charlotte Town did not enjoy much.

These two are confrontational

It is a thought that the Governor-General or the Lieutenant Governors of the Provinces should not have a real presence. They must blindly follow the demands of the heads of government who are prime ministers.

If there is only one answer it is very easy in constitutional matters! Michael Jean’s refusal to “prorogue” Parliament, asking for Mr. Harper House’s confidence, which would lead to the defeat of his minority government.

In this case, MTo me Jean nodded and Harper continued to rule after the prophecy.

Fixed-date elections

In Canada, we have set election dates, except that … the Prime Minister may at any time request the Governor-General to dissolve Parliament and thereby call a general election. The question is whether she has a choice.

At this point, there is no valid reason for not meeting the date set by law (2023). No crisis, except Trudeau’s nervous breakdowns, oh horrible! … work with others.

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His budgets were approved and he won his confidence votes. The country works. He wants elections not for the benefit of democracy or parliament, but purely for the partisan interests of the liberals.

Justin Trudeau thinks he has an election backlog. After all, he doesn’t really like being forced to compromise with other parties. Support for the Conservatives was low, and he mentioned it earlier! Let’s go.

Mr.To me Simon, this is ironic. The same Justin Trudeau agreed with the request of his then leader, Stefan Dion, to Michael Jean.

Our Parliament is British inspired. Even in Westminster, the Prime Minister can no longer, by tapping his fingers, hold elections when it is in his or her party’s interests.

Mary Simon had all the constitutional coordinates needed to ask Mr. Trudeau to gain the House’s confidence by a resolution of confidence.

Only if this belief is denied to her should she accept Trudeau’s request to bypass the law that determines the date of our general election.