July 7, 2022

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Nature Touch Frozen Mango Recall

Nature Touch Frozen Mango Recall

If you have Natures Touch brand frozen mangoes, it is a good idea to throw them away.

According to the Canadian Food Inspection Agency, The fruit may be contaminated with hepatitis A virus. Nature Touch Frozen Food recalls various brands of frozen mangoes. For a list of brands affected by the recall, click on the Blue link above.

All affected products are labeled “Best before November 2022” on the packaging.

If you feel unwell after taking the recalled product, consult your doctor.

Check if the products you recall are in the house. Health Canada recommends that products returned to the store affected or purchased by the recall be discarded.

Food contaminated with hepatitis A virus does not necessarily show visible spoilage or suspicious odor. Eating food contaminated with the virus can lead to hepatitis, a disease that does not lead to chronic infection or chronic liver disease.

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