May 25, 2022

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Olimel and his workers were in a stalemate after a 94-day strike

Olimel and his workers were in a stalemate after a 94-day strike

The issue of wages has been at the center of controversy.

The owner remained in his position, Condemned Martin Maurice, president of the Employees Union.

The rest is fixed. We did not agree on the salary side.

A quote from:Martin Maurice, president of the Olime Workers Union in Wally-Junction

Currently, Olimel presents two collective agreements to its employees, Martin Maurice explains. There are two proposals, one for six years and one for seven years. We are a maximum of six years.

During two days of intensive negotiations, the union said it had made a counter offer to employers.

We proposed to contact, but it did not work, Condemned the Union President.

The union, which is affiliated with CSN, made no mention of any offer submitted by consent in the version of the facts shared in a press release on Friday evening.

Management “shocked”

Olimel said the management was very disappointed and shocked by the attitude of the union representatives, Completed by the employer press release. [Ils] Suddenly decided to leave the compromise meeting, rejecting the proposal, which is likely to resolve the ongoing conflict.

Paul Beauchamp, Olimel’s first vice president, explainedNonsense The union opposed the unacceptable end.

When the compromise team introduced its proposal, it was no better suited to the oligarchy than the union., He stressed. But we must give ourselves the necessary perspective and tell ourselves: Do we accept it to reach a settlement?

Paul Beauchamp, Olimel Senior Vice President

Photo: Radio-Canada / Screenshot

This proposal from the compromise team has all the elements that can bring both parties together., He says. The attitude of the union representatives is incomprehensible and delays the resolution of the long-running conflict.

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The controversy has been going on since April 28. In mid-July, more than 100,000 pigs were waiting to go to the slaughterhouse. The producers said they only had a few weeks to slaughter their animals if the strike continued at Wally-Junction.

Olimel’s first vice president did not speak about the union in an interview with Radio-Canada, blaming himself for the lack of a conflict resolution.

The worst of the situation we are still experiencing this morning will depend on the decision of the union negotiating team. And from now on, if we want to do a humanitarian slaughter, the controversy will continue for a long time, the population will know who to turn to to repel food waste.

A quote from:Paul Beauchamp, Senior Vice President, Olimel

The date of the next meeting between the two parties is yet to be decided.

With information from Mark-Antoine Lavoy and Clin Cote-Palette