May 20, 2022

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Mormon wins major hydro-Quebec deal

Mormon wins major hydro-Quebec deal

The manufacturer of Trois-Rivières has secured the largest contract in its history in the Mormon hydropower sector.

In fact, most of all, the company, which is known for its wind turbine components, is involved in the repair of the Carrilon Generating Station on the Ottawa River, a $ 750 million project led by Hydro-Quebec.

The exact value of the deal with Mormon was not disclosed, and the company was limited to talking about “some ten million dollars”.

The factory was commissioned in 1964 to manufacture 13 master parts for each of the six turbine-alternator groups for refurbishment. The work lasts six years.

Although many positions in the engineering field need to be filled, there will not be a huge appointment to complete the contract.

The repair of the Carilon Generating Station will serve as a launching pad for the Trois-Riviers Company, which wants to have its share of other major repairs to hydro-Quebec facilities that will emerge in the coming decades.

“Hydro-Quebec, for the next 20 years, will produce the largest hydroelectric activity in the world. So we can be sure that there is something very important with us. It will reach another level of volume. So we have to invest,” said Mormon President Patrick Pellerin excitedly.

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