May 30, 2023

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Mustafa University Hospital preparing for the 4th wave

Mustafa University Hospital preparing for the 4th wave

Algeria has been facing for over a month Sudden spread The Kovid-19 pandemic has once again revealed the limitations of the Algerian health system.

Overwhelmed by the impressive flow of Sick Kovid-19, Depleted of oxygen in Algerian hospitals, a key product in the fight against the disease that is killing dozens of people across the country. Caregivers demonstrated at several hospitals across the country to condemn the oxygen shortage, such as this Thursday at Shobha Hospital in Cliff Valley.

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Algerians facing this unprecedented situation Assembled To assist hospitals in obtaining oxygen production equipment. Officials finally understood the importance of hospitals’ reliance on medical oxygen producers and ensuring their autonomy in the production of this vital product.

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Proof of the importance taken by this question, President Abdelmadzid Tebboun ordered the installation of “stations” at the High Security Council (HCS) meeting yesterday Wednesday. Oxygen production In hospitals to guarantee autonomy in this crucial matter as soon as possible. “

CHU Mustafa calls banks and insurers

Third in Kovid-19 and Oxygen crisis Algerian healthcare system reveals extreme risk in the wake of the epidemic, large hospitals want to be ready for 4E Kovid-19 wave. This is the case of Mustafa Bacha University Hospital, the largest civilian hospital in Algeria.

According to our sources, the ownership of Mustafa University Hospital has sought the help of insurance companies and Algerian banks to finance the purchase of the oxygen generator. The goal is to ensure “complete autonomy” in terms of oxygen supply.

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CHU CEO Mustafa’s request was approved by the Union of Algerian Insurers and Reinsurers (UAR), which entered into an agreement with the Association of Banks and Financial Institutions (ABEF) for a “substantial share” in oxygen purchases. Generators are also intended for Mustafa Bacha University Hospital and other hospitals. In total, Algerian insurance companies and banks would like to finance the purchase of 8 to 10 oxygen generators for almost 200 million DA.

Mustafa University wants to get a generator capable of producing 40,000 liters of oxygen for the hospital, for 40 million dinars. For public health specialists, Algeria 4 needs to be seriously prepared forE The wave of Kovid-19 is currently raging in many countries.

It is difficult to impose a strict curfew, especially with the commencement of social and school in September, followed by the municipal elections in November, with innumerable economic and social consequences.

Suddenly, hospitals are waiting for a new wave and they want to be ready to face it. It’s 4E Experts predict that the wave may come to Algeria in November.

“Waves are cyclic”

“Kovid-19 waves are cyclical. There is a new wave every three to four months. In Algeria, the waves arrive 3 to 4 months late, which allows them to avoid the peak in advance and prepare. The third thing we are currently doing is doing the right thing, but the right decisions have not been made in time,” An expert warned.

This Thursday, Professor Riyad Mahaoy, a member of the Scientific Committee, launched the warning: Algeria “Not immunity” Of 4E Kovid-19 pandemic wave. Now is the time to prepare the authorities without repeating the failure of the third wave.

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