May 28, 2022

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Grandes Photos Telugu: 4,000 people for the concert

Grandes Photos Telugu: 4,000 people for the concert

As the fourth wave of Kovid-19 knocked on the door, Les Cowboys Fringeants and Emily Billodi attracted the most people to a concert in Quebec since the outbreak in Rimowski on Thursday evening.

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During the grand opening night of Grand Fots Telugu, Quebezers distributed to nearly 4,000 people in fifteen sanitary zones set up in Beauzer Park to see these favorite artists.

Before going on stage, Emile Bilodio, who was more powerful and proud than usual, did not fail to share his satisfaction. “It was so much fun to see so many people together,” he exclaimed.

“Finally”, when Les Cowboys took charge of the fringes, cried Carl Tremble for shouting with joy from the people.

With the darkness erasing the visual effect of the distance, the delicate midnight breeze and the singing audience Performance With their favorites, it almost felt like attending a pre-Kovid concert.

It is good for the soul. Really.

However, a sign that the epidemic is not far off, the mobile vaccine clinic is placed at the site entrance and offers free doses of Pfizer and Modernna.

Two and a half months ago, the organizers were planning to host only 250 people. According to Festival Director Sebastian Noel, plans have changed five or six times depending on the relaxations announced by the government.

We imagine the puzzle.

“We worked harder and harder than the regular edition to make sure we were in good health with public health,” he said.

Mr. Noel says he can bring more people by creating other zones, the rules allow him, but I want those who go to festivals to have a better experience.

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Passing before the show, members of the Cowboys Fringe were eager to see the audience response to the songs on their album. Antipodes, Launched a few months before the big upheaval, in 2019.

« America is crying And On my shoulder Played a lot on the radio during the epidemic, but we could not see what level they were on our audience. We didn’t see our audience singing with us. This is the first. Can’t wait to see if people sing so much Autumn Town And Tail drop Over time, “said Mary-Anik Lopine.

Following Rimowski, the group will travel to Chikoutimi on Friday evening for a performance at the Rhythms du Monde festival.

Great Telugu Holidays Continues until Sunday. Brett Kissel, Mark Dupree and Charlotte Cardin will be the headliners for the other evenings.