May 23, 2022

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Mandatory vaccination for healthcare workers: Mixed reactions in Mauritius

Mandatory vaccination for healthcare workers: Mixed reactions in Mauritius

Reactions in Mauritius are mixed to the government action required to fully vaccinate health personnel.

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Ottawa and Quebec indicated on Thursday that mandatory vaccination for health workers was not excluded, a measure that could be part of the fight against the fourth wave, which appears to be sticking in Quebec.

A decision not fully approved by the presidents of Syndicate du Personal Paratechnic, Maurice-at-du-Center-du-Quebec (CIUSSS MCQ), Aux Services Assistants of Mary’s Integrated University Health and Social Services Center and others. -Josey Hamelin.

According to Ms. Hamelin, better immunization coverage is favorable for health workers, but not at the expense of individual rights and freedoms.

“According to the law, according to human rights, [l’employeur] It cannot be done, to force ourselves [nous] Get vaccinated, “she explained.

Health staff met Friday afternoon via TVA Nouvelles. On the one hand, there is a place for free choice, but on the other hand, patient safety must come first.

“I don’t really have a side for or against,” one employee said. “What I’m sure of anyway is that everyone has the right to choose.”

Another employee should have “common sense” with him because they are health care workers and they need to protect people they are acquainted with at work.

“If everyone does that, we will eventually put an end to this disease,” replied one worker who last worked in the field.

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Nearly 80% of health care workers have received two doses of the vaccine, according to data provided by CIUSSS MCQ. Also, 90% of the approximately 21,000 employees have received the dose so far.

To reach these vaccine limits, CIUSSS used a number of strategies such as awareness campaigns and opportunistic vaccinations, where a reference person went to meet employees with a cart full of vaccines.

April’s ministry order targeting employees in specific targeted sectors, however, tipped the balance. Therefore, non-vaccinated employees had to undergo preventive screening tests three times a week.

According to Mary-Josie Hamelin the results are encouraging, suggesting that it is still the minority employees who reject the vaccine.

“Of the nearly 120 people, five decided it was not there. [de vaccin]. So do the math, it’s not really that big. We are not even one percent, ”Ms. Hamelin was shocked.

The majority of CIUSSS staff have already been vaccinated, but despite all that, the union and all the employees we met suggested a free option.