May 23, 2022

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National History: Young Coquists Are Right

National History: Young Coquists Are Right

Young coquists Published on our pages.

This proposition, needless to say, is, to the extent that Western societies multiply repentant genericflections and apologize for what exists, is as deliciously destructive as we can see these days. T historylé-Québec declared to “colonize history”, Rewriting it according to multicultural and racist codes.

The proposition of young coquettes also has the immense merit of remembering what is at the heart of our national history, recognizing its common theme. I can’t resist the urge to quote them: “America has more Quebec history than a French-speaking country, which has been successful in developing its uniqueness for four centuries. It is the story of survival and singularity and the flourishing of French-speaking culture on a large-scale English-speaking continent, and this ensemble difference makes us proud.

This definition, concise, dense, strong, sums up very nicely the meaning of our historical journey and, to this day, without the slightest doubt, corresponds to our existential conditions, but the question of ancient survival. The latter arises in the context defined at the same time by the radicalization of Canadian multiculturalism, the awakened imperialism of American origin, the predictable linguistic and demographic decline of the historic Francophone majority and the exhaustion of the identity of a part. Quebec society evokes the appearance of a secret compound.

It is therefore important to reconnect with history that remains the raw material for public recognition, by releasing it, by resisting publicly subsidized militant falsifiers. It is only by reconnecting with it that the fundamental question about our national future arises again at the heart of public life.

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Let us understand each other better: Forgetting the gray areas of our history, but proposing a true story about it, testifying to our existence in America for centuries, and proposing our legitimate aspiration to sustain ourselves is not a question. People there and our right to be a master at home.

After all, this story is not a shame: people rooted in America with the epic of New France, who built their country a village all at once, want to die, cling to existence, rise up every time, sometimes hesitate to embrace its destiny, but always resist and resist Will find.

I would add, and I’m sure some young coquettes are already telling themselves or will say one day, that this story will end someday in independence.

Encourage the Quebec government to provide more political flesh to the desire of young Queques to establish a museum of Quebec national history, a testament to the Quebec people’s desire.

We not only want them to listen, but this youth wing, if credible to the program, will play a growing bigger role in this party, representing the nationalist wing in their time as young liberals in the early 1990s. Their party and who among them were the first to take the consequences of Meech’s failure.

When the big deadline expires, and Quebec has to face its fate again, young caquists will probably play a major role in the future by promoting their party and inviting the Quebec people to have the courage to be free.

At the very least, they already have the courage to recognize, which is the same thing at this point in our history.

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