March 1, 2024

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Can the Legal Market Be Turned Upside Down? Ghost Drops is Ready to Disrupt

Iconic underground cannabis brand Ghost Drops wants to shake up the legal market in Canada. This aggressive and highly-regarded business is primed to enter the legal market with more than a promise and a whimper. It aims to turn the market upside down and remake it from the inside.

The plans are ambitious and involve a short timeline. Already, the Toronto-based enterprise has a supply chain prepared that covers the length and breadth of Canada. Its exclusive and impressive genetics catalogue – built on a network the best cultivators and geneticists in the country – is ready to go. Even its legal market launch strain is already planned, with more product launches in the legal market to follow.

Who’s leading this charge into a new market? Gene Bernaudo is heading the entry into the world of legitimacy. As the new CEO and working as the interim COO for the business, Bernaudo aims to make Ghost Drops the defining force in Canadian cannabis.

And Bernaudo has the chops to do it. The former President and Global Head of Cannabis of Ignite, Bernaudo has more than enough industry experience to position Ghost Drops in the legit market, and to make it a marketleader.

Why jump to Ghost Drops? Bernaudo’s explanation issimple: “I was attracted to Ghost Drops because of its authenticity, culture, quality and reputation in the cannabis community. When I was asked to take on the role of CEO, I knew this would be a brand that I could get behind and help propel to the forefront of the legal market. The story is real, the team is the best I have ever worked with, and I truly look forward to being part of this legacy.”

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A major part of Bernaudo’s plan is something no one has yet managed to do: orchestrate the mass migration of underground customers to the legal market. He has no interest in leaving legacy customers behind in order to reach new ones; Bernaudo wants everyone along for the ride. If he succeeds, this will be the most successful effort since the market was established in 2018.

Bernaudo ensures past customers that the authenticity they’ve come to expect from Ghost Drops will remain present. They will still be transparent in what they offer, how it’s prepared, and what customers can expect. While admitting that this endeavour will be challenging, he believes that taking the best of the company’s past practices and integrating them into the new market will do the trick.

With a presence in the underground legacy market that spans roughly six years, Ghost Drops has gathered a great deal of helpful data. That data provides insights into the tastes and preferences of the company’s customer base. It also provides ideas about customer habits, their spending patterns, and the type of demand that’s out there for different products. All of that can be utilized in preparing customer demographic profiles and relating them to the legal market. As Bernaudo notes, “Data has had a huge impact on how the brand has developed over the course of these years and has proven to be an asset as we enter the legal market.”

Fans who fear that this move will alter the company into something unrecognizable are assured that the brand may change some methods, but will never change its core values.

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“Our history is what made us,” Bernaudo says. “With over 20,000 Instagram followers, 80,000 website subscribers and a 78% returning customer rate, it’s easy to see how Ghost Drops has developed a cult-like following and become one of the most loved and respected cannabis brands in Canada. We know what our consumers want from us. We’re not going to change what makes us the best.”

Instead, Ghost Drops is on a mission to remake the still-young legal market into what it should have been from the beginning. In other words, Bernaudo plans on making the company into the industry standard that others will strive to reach but never quite meet.

“Our passion and expertise drive us to keep innovating, pushing boundaries and disrupting the status quo. We aren’t just in this game,” Bernaudo says, “we’re changing the way it’s played.

Bernaudo is confident that, with the first launches to take place before the end of 2021, Ghost Drops will appeal to a wider audience while still encompassing and valuing its established base. As he puts it, “Connoisseur consumers are willing and eager to invest in quality products they know and love. And by converting Ghost Drops’ database of loyal legacy customers, the legal market will become more informed, better educated and more diverse.”

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