March 20, 2023

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ESS in CR1 and C1, JSS in CAF Cup

ESS in CR1 and C1, JSS in CAF Cup

CR Beloizdad and Entente de Satif played Monday evening at the end of League 35 on the 35th day of the next edition of the African Football Champions League and saw JS Saura win two qualifying tickets for the Confederations Cup. , The final of the Coupe de la Lig is scheduled for Tuesday to find out who will come from JC Cable or NC Magra along with the Becharois club in this competition.

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If the SATEF deal reached its goal by suppressing the US Biscuit (4-0), especially thanks to the doubling of its playing master Abdelmaunen Djabou (32nd and 69th), the JSS would have suffered a lot before achieving its goals, as the CR led the way before the equalizer .

In fact, as a tough leader, Chabab was the first to find the net in this duel at the top of the 35th day, and from the 39th minute of the game, thanks to a penalty by Droy (0-1).

Upset, they had to win their own ground, especially at the USM Algiers post to avoid having their hair cut, which also wanted this ticket for C3, who had to wait for the hour game to equalize the Becharois score, thanks to a penalty from Lahemri (1-1).

A score that will not move until the final whistle comes and there are many opportunities for others to share, but for Becharois and Beloizdadis happiness it is still enough, because both have been reached. Their goal is to participate in next year’s Continental Games.

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The joy that conflicts with the terrible disappointment of the USM Algiers is that despite winning the Algerian derby (2-1) against Paradox AC (2-1) they will not take part in any African competition next year.

Another terrible illusion this Monday evening began with USM Bel-Abbas taking a comfortable lead with RC Religion (2-0), before reaching the score, at the end of the match (2-2). Hellal started by lowering the score to 82 and Mazari, Hamza and Itim, who captured the equalizer in the last second of regulation time, took advantage of the 14th and 67th USMBA respectively.

For his part, MC Oran won a little in front of the red lantern, JSM Skikda, thanks to a special goal, signed by Friffer in the 56th minute, but the dual fight AS Aïn M’lila – ASO Chlef s’ goalless draw (0-0).

The ball opened a little earlier in the afternoon on the 35th, during two matches, with two clubs in the center facing the Eastern structures.

In the first duel, MC Alger won easily over CABB Ariridz (3-0), especially thanks to Brace from Abdelhafid (51st, 54th), who had the worst time to overcome NA Hussein-Day in the second clash. CS Constantine’s tough team.

In fact, even after a very tight first half, it also ended in a goalless score, with the Navigators being able to find the net as soon as they rebooted (47th), thanks to Sidhum, two minutes before the break, by de Benaid (49th / 2-0).

Although terrible, this blow of the hammer did not completely destroy the Sanafirs, on the contrary, it had the effect of extracting a good reaction from them and was rewarded by an appropriate reduction in the score of 54th.

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After this, and through this goal, after signing the DIB, visitors continued to multiply the attacks, hoping to at least pull the equalizer, causing Nazriya a process of enormous problems. But the latter was able to hold on and keep his profits until the final whistle.

This 35th day will continue next Saturday, with the last two matches of its program concluding: NC Magra – WA Tlemsen and Olympic Media – JS Cabley, starting at 5.30pm.