May 24, 2022

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Jeremy Gabriel ceased to stand in the federal election under the NDP banner

Jeremy Gabriel ceased to stand in the federal election under the NDP banner

Well known to the general public and now a 24-year-old, he will run for the New Democratic Party (NDP) in the next federal election in Louis-Saint-Laurent Riding, represented by conservative Gerard Deltell since 2015.

However, his passage in federal politics has improved over the past two years through the Kovid-19 epidemic, according to him.

The years 2020 and 2021 are trying on a personal level in particular. The COVID-19 pandemic canceled my musical engagement, I lost my student job and severely damaged my academic career at university, He writes.

Mike Ward c. Jeremy Gabriel

Jeremy Gabriel is also awaiting a Canadian Supreme Court ruling on a legal dispute between comedian Mike Ward and the Commission des Drats de la Person at des Droitz de la Jeans.

That is an expectation Exercise [sur lui] Creates stress and anxiety […] Almost every day.

The case against Quebec, the country’s highest court, is being pursued with great interest, to determine whether emotional freedom preserves artistic discourse as much as political discourse. Supreme Court judges must also decide whether mocking personal traits is discriminatory.

Now, for the young man, It takes great stability and a lot of energy to run an election campaign. I would like to postpone my entry into the federal political arena until later, with the intention of respecting my own abilities and offering my best to my fellow citizens., He adds.

Political commitment

However, the singer wants to take part in the campaign by supporting the local NDP candidate when the election takes place.

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Jeremy Gabriel, best known for singing with Pope Benedict XVI in 2006, suffers from Trecher-Collins Syndrome, a congenital disease, head deformities and severe deafness, New Democrats say.

In 2007, the former head NPD Jack Layton He recalled that the party had chosen him to sing the Canadian national anthem at its first meeting in Quebec.

Meeting this extraordinary person created in me a desire to be involved for a better and more equal community., He concluded.