May 21, 2022

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Messi and PSG: An alliance to win the Champions League

Messi and PSG: An alliance to win the Champions League

PARIS – Lionel Messi said on Wednesday he was “extremely happy” as a Paris SG player and finally dreamed of giving him his four-time Champions League win over FC Barcelona as his Holy Grail.

To win the Queen competition of European football again, the Argentine striker was convinced that he would be in the “ideal place”, he told a news conference live on the big screen for supporters in front of the Parc des Princess.

In Paris, “Messimania” does not weaken. Fans arrived early in the morning to stand in a queue in front of club shops to make sure they could buy a jersey with his name and number 30 on it. In the online store, men’s models are not already in the middle.

“La Pius” was a complete success on his arrival, with a huge smile he never gave up, to greet them like a kind emperor at Bourgate Airport “here in Paris” t-shirt Park des Princess, finally on the balcony of his hotel in the beautiful Parisian districts.


On Sunday, he said goodbye to FC Barcelona, ​​where he began writing his legend when he was 13 years old. But since then, he has decided to do his “French Revolution”, as the Spanish daily Marca wrote on Wednesday.

The rival club told PSG Barసాa and “What a pain it is! “It’s hard for me to imagine Messi wearing a shirt other than Bar బార్a,” his former teammate JV told the Times in an interview.

The reasons that motivated the Capital Club leaders to hire the 34-year-old striker are well known: Messi has given a new dimension to his project, both in sports and finance.

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For the entire French Championship, it was weakened by the health crisis and a drastic reduction in its audiovisual revenues, which was a breath of fresh air. League President Vincent LaBroon rejoiced that this was “extraordinary news to expose League 1 internationally”.

On the field, being a “pulga” brings Paris closer to his dream of winning the Champions League. Its wealthy Qatari owner (QSI) therefore hopes the four-time winning superstar will show him the way.

It’s a galactic team, strengthened by Georginio Vignaldam this summer, but with three players last season as captains of the Netherlands, Real Madrid and AC Milan, Sergio Ramos and Gianluigi Donnarumma. Morocco made a strong impression on its right path, during the warm-up matches and the Champions Trophy, not forgetting Ashraf Hakimi.

“The arrival of Leo on our world-class team will ensure the success and success of our appointment,” said PSG President Nasser Al-Khelafi.

Mbappé’s silence

With Neymar and Kylian Mbappé, the latter, if any, will form one of the most formidable attacking trilogy in Argentine history, reminiscent of Luis Suarez … and Neymar, along with his “MSN” in the Catalan era.

The future of the Frenchman, whose contract has not yet been extended in 2022 and mentioned by the Spanish press in Real Madrid, remains unresolved.

On Wednesday afternoon, he still did not respond to Messi’s arrival, unlike Neymar, who was delighted to see his duet with Messi “reunited”. But Nasser al-Khalifi said with the appointment, Mbappé was “sorry” to leave, with PSG offering him the highest sporting guarantees.

Due to the delay in the physical preparation, the first appearance of the future Parisian No. 30 against Strasbourg in League 1 will not take place on Saturday. He could start with Clement on September 12 in Rims on the 29th or after the international break.

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Although he is expensive, Messi is also likely to bring the club a lot bigger, having six times fewer subscribers on Instagram than his player, despite the club’s audience growing exponentially with 3 million subscribers. More in two days.

According to the French press, PSG has been offered an extra season optionally for Argentina, who have signed up for two years, along with a net annual salary of around 40 40 million a year and a big signing bonus.

Such emulations put him at the level of Neymar (36 million euros), the highest paid footballer in French football history.

The prospect for QSI is great, which gives it more margin in the context of Light Financial Fair Play.

Messi on … Champions League

“It’s not so easy to win. PSG is very close to winning it. It’s a competition that combines the best. I do not know what it will take to win it, but you need a united and strong team, I think there is a similar situation here. Then you need a little luck ( …) You may have the best team in the world and you can not win it. Small details make a difference, I know how difficult it is, PSG also knows. That’s the decent thing to do, and it should end there. “

Neymar and Mbappé

“I’m so happy, it’s insane. It’s great, there are great players in all positions, wonderful arrival (…) I’m going to play with the best and it’s always beautiful.

Quick discussions

“It was difficult (note: leaving Barcelona) and very fast. Very emotional, I have not forgotten what I experienced (…) There were so many emotions in the process, we assembled them a little more gradually when they arrived (…) for this welcome cake.”

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Go back to the field

“I was arrested more than a month after Copa America. Yesterday (Tuesday) I met the coach and staff. I have to do physical preparation. I want to play, I hope it happens as soon as possible. I can not give a date. When the staff decides I can play, it I really want (…) I want all of this to happen quickly. I want to start training, I really want to meet my teammates. “


“The dressing room and the technical staff were very influential (on his decision). When the talks started, I talked to Mauricio Pochettino. I have known him for a long time. The fact that he is from Argentina, has a closeness.

League 1

“I have friends who play here, I watch their matches. It’s a much improved championship in recent years, thanks to PSG’s inspiration. It makes the whole championship more competitive (…) It’s new stadiums, new rivals, it’s a new experience for me.”

Love on football

“I wanted my family to get better and get used to the city and the country quickly. I’m ready for this new experience. In the end, it’s only football, it’s everywhere. The excitement is there. I like football. “

Face Barcia

“I like to win, I want to be a winner, I want to keep fighting for my goals. PSG wants to win and win and grow as a club. I do not know if we’re going to face each other (with Barసాa), it’s good to be back, but it’s weird with another jersey.”