May 20, 2022

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Operations resume in Atlantic, Florida

Operations resume in Atlantic, Florida

Wednesday, August 11, 2021 3:01 PM – Fred, the sixth system in the Atlantic Basin, was born on Tuesday evening, and the system is pouring good rain in the Dominican Republic and Haiti.

The last few weeks after Hurricane Elsa formed in early July have been calm in the Atlantic. But now it looks like activities in this segment are starting to get more intense, Fred tropical storm is just around the corner and could potentially join through the seventh system!

West Indies is ready

After touching Puerto Rico on Wednesday morning, Fred is now heading to Hispaniola Island, which includes the Dominican Republic and Haiti. According to current models, a tropical cyclone can bring between 100 and 200 mm of rainfall, the most populous of the Caribbean islands. Currently, the tropical cyclone is moving at a speed of about thirty kilometers per hour and sports winds are blowing at a speed of 65 kilometers per hour.


Although operations in the Atlantic Basin have been very quiet in recent weeks, Fred’s arrival is still on record, as this is the sixth starting system for the segment beginning with the letter F.


On the way to the United States

The storm loses some intensity as it passes through the Caribbean. However, due to the abundance of moisture and heat in the Gulf of Mexico it is possible to regain its strength before reaching Florida. The magnitude of its power boost plays a key role in the amount of precipitation that falls on the US state. Fred is expected to arrive in Florida later this week, but his effects could be seen as early as this Friday night.

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The seventh system on the horizon?

Separately, the National Hurricane Center has identified another system from the Cape Verde Islands that is likely to turn into a tropical cyclone next week. If so, this is the seventh system in the Atlantic.


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