October 17, 2021

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Skilled in maneuvering she hid the skeleton in her old house

Skilled in maneuvering she hid the skeleton in her old house

Sue Goff, who lives in Darking, England, enjoys playing stunts on her family, but when she sells her house, she decides to take it to a higher level.

Before handing over the keys, Sue had to work to tidy up the house and she had the idea to continue the tradition by finding old photos left by the previous owner.

She decided to tell the Mirror something more frightening.

Sue Goff hid an old skeleton she used to decorate on Halloween with an envelope that read 2021 Stash Champion.

The 57-year-old mother then closed the wall and will find new owners surprised only during future renovations.

“My husband, Darin, did not share the sense of humor I do. As soon as he saw me put him on the skeleton, he smiled and left,” Sue Goff said.

Skeleton is not her last turn, she wants to add a few more nasty surprises before moving on.

“If I find a false skeleton in my new home, it feels so funny to me, it’s my kind of humor,” the mother explains.

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