May 23, 2022

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Xbox Cloud Gaming is finally available on Windows PCs

Xbox Cloud Gaming is finally available on Windows PCs

The gaming ecosystem signed by Microsoft continues to improve over time. Today, PC gaming ias enthusiasts are lucky beneficiaries. By subscribing to the Xbox Game Pass, they will benefit from an innovative and more efficient application.

This product, the multinational computer promised by launching Windows 11.. This program is now available to every member of the Xbox Insider Program. Note that the Xbox app has just received an update so that we can stream games without having to install them. Obviously, this new version has been tested before.

Xbox Cloud Gaming is available on Windows

When the app is just launched, a new button appears in Windows. It “Cloud Gaming”, as the name implies, displays a comprehensive list of games available in the cloud gaming included in the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Subscription. After months of thinking in its corner, Microsoft finally decided to take its baptism Service “Xbox Cloud Gaming”. Taking a look at its catalog, we noticed that it was similar to the web version, which should be noted that it had been launched for several months. Note that a controller is required to play these Xbox games in the cloud.

According to players, the Xbox app “Simple integration of the web version”. In fact, it offers similar user experiences. However, the presentation is the best on mobile. There is a checklist at the top to confirm network quality and controller status before playing.

To this day, this cloud gaming is only at its core Beta version. As evidenced, all the games at the time of the tests were in English, much to the delight of the American players. However, we hope that this issue will be resolved and that the French language will be available for commercial reform.

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The arrival of the streaming console for the Xbox Series X and S

There is another important point that Microsoft failed to mention. Famous feature “Console streaming” Finally available through Windows. The company’s name for remote play refers to “the ability to play remotely on your own Xbox console”. Note that this option is present on the Xbox One. However, it disappeared in the Xbox Series S and X models.

At the same time as next-generation consoles appear, the streaming console will not be available on Windows, but only on iOS and Android. The application now displays the console status on the top right so this is a matter of the past. Only two clicks are needed to control the device remotely.

For Microsoft, Xbox Game Pass One A key element of its gaming strategy. For information, it is possible to play from any PC under Windows 10 or 11. For those who do not have a powerful enough machine, no need to worry. All games in the catalog can be streamed.

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