May 18, 2022

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Health Crisis Management in Quebec | This is not happening as expected

Health Crisis Management in Quebec |  This is not happening as expected

(Quebec) This is not happening as planned. The health crisis will monopolize Legalt government management more than expected in the coming weeks.

Plans made in Quebec in June were reviewed. And we have the concept of deja vu. “28-Day Challenge”, “Holiday Contract”, Quebec “Variants and Third Wave Resistant” … Future hints do not always have this epidemic.

Ahead of the holidays, Prime Minister Franకోois Legalt, satisfied with the rhythm of the vaccine campaign, spoke about the “Summer of Reconciliation” and hinted at the autumn of releases. We are implementing the Deconfinition Plan. Quebec was painted green.

The government has “extra relaxations” for sanitation instructions in its boxes in late August. This includes leaving a health emergency, returning to school, returning workers to office buildings …

But the fourth wave of the pandemic was lifted earlier than expected. “It’s not vaccinated,” said Franకోois Legalt. As seen elsewhere in the world, this wave is rapidly inflating. The Delta variant is more transmissible and more dangerous than the previous ones.

Result: The health emergency will be maintained longer in Quebec and the planned relaxations have been postponed since the end of August.

Quebec is not the only country to rectify the situation. An example: Alberta lowered its deconfinement. The lifting of several health sanctions, which are due to take effect on Monday, has been postponed for six weeks. However, the two governments are in very different positions: Prime Minister Jason Kenny has been widely criticized for handling the crisis, while Franకోois Legalt is still popular here.

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Back to school to see

The back-to-school plan has also been revised: students will eventually have to wear a mask to school in common areas and for certain activities. We cannot rule out imposing it even in class if the situation deteriorates.

This re-entry leads to an increase in contacts and an impact on the fourth wave size. Children under 12 years of age have not been vaccinated – to date they have not been vaccinated and clinical trials are ongoing.

Quebec is still working on a guide to handling COVID-19 cases not only in schools but also in daycare. This will be an important test for the government.

Is vaccination mandatory or not?

Another change in Quebec: the vaccine target. We should not be satisfied with 75% of those 12 years and adequate vaccination (two doses); Instead, we should target the 80% to 85% range according to Public Health. 75% of the target is currently on the government scorecard, but that may change.

Quebec is “serious” about considering mandatory vaccinations for health workers, although it has rejected this measure for teachers. Ottawa took an important step on Friday by imposing it on all its officers. Imitating him, “not our intention at the moment,” the Legalt government responded.

As elsewhere, in the city of Quebec, we are also considering the possible administration of a third dose. The United States has just empowered people with weakened immunity and Israel has already begun the initiative.


Franకోois Legalt was away from Public Square during his vacation. He made two exceptions, each time to make a statement with Justin Trudeau, who is now immersing the country in the election campaign.

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To return from vacation, Franకోois Legalt must have a tour of the areas on his agenda. Adjustments are made there as well. We see him sometimes holding press conferences on Kovid-19: his government announces that it will return the exercise at least once a week. We did not expect these press conferences to resume so soon.

Not believing that COVID-19 is behind us, the Franకోois Legalt team has been preparing for several weeks for the start of the parliamentary term on September 14 with a plan called “new breath”. The goal is to open a new chapter in government mandate in the post-epidemic period.

It is planned to start a new parliamentary session and make an opening speech to pave the way till the autumn 2022 elections. There is a pause in this scenario to use the expression used during the epidemic. It can also be dropped, they say.

The government has not changed its roadmap in one case: the introduction of the vaccine passport on the 1stIs September. The first province to implement it was Quebec. The federal government wants others to follow suit; Ontario rejected this measure.

Not all strings attached to these passport terms. Opposition parties have stated they will not run in the by-elections. This is dangerous because we provide a platform for conspirators, he argues, alleging that opposition parties are constantly calling for consultation “to discuss this and that”.

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Franకోois Legalt, Quebec Premier

He fired another arrow at his rivals, accusing them of “exaggerating” air quality in schools. And he at the same time emitted carbon dioxide (CO)2) His government promised that it would be installed in all classes except at the beginning of the school year, but only at the end of the year, because the call for tenders was delayed … He pushed the plug a little further by declaring that “Quebec is one of the only places in the world where this issue is being discussed”.

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In June, Franకోois Legalt promised to be “more gen” at the beginning of the school year, to respond more calmly to other parties, “listen to the questions and then the arguments of the opposition.” It’s a lot harder than I thought …