May 27, 2022

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How to vote during an epidemic?

How to vote during an epidemic?

(Ottawa) The time to prepare for the Canadian elections is approaching: elections amid new waves of COVID-19.

Stephanie Taylor
Canadian Press

In a press release released a few hours after the official call for elections, Election Canada said voters will be able to cast their ballots safely at their polling stations on election day or early polling days.

Great, but how do you do all this cool stuff?

According to Elections Canada, going in person to make your choice is the easiest way to vote. However, the agency is monitoring how the situation is developing in the health sector.

On its website, Election Canada indicates that there will only be one poll worker per table, which is protected behind a Plexiglas screen. Hand sanitizer is provided and voters must respect a distance of two meters.

Voters are encouraged to wear a face cover. Everyone is given a reusable pencil to mark your ballot. You can also bring your pen or pencil. Nearly 16 million pencils were purchased for this.

Elections Canada is also asking people to submit a request to vote by mail with a person who has tested positive, shows Covid-19 symptoms or is infected.

Election officials warn that the conduct of the election may be higher than usual.

In provinces where mandatory face covering has been abolished, Elections Canada intends to work with local public health authorities to ensure that the rules are the same everywhere.

Elections Canada also indicated that returning officers could find rooms available to welcome voters with full security.

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But the question of school availability for the Democratic exercise has not been resolved.

“Returning officers work with school boards and principals to make sure they know and follow security protocols,” said an Election Canada spokesman. Scrutinizers ensure that doors and windows are fully open where possible to allow air to circulate. ”

Elections are also looking at solutions for voting in long-term care facilities.

The agency expects large numbers of voters to vote by mail, as has happened in provincial polls and in the United States.

She says she has improved so that you can get a special newsletter. “We have increased our ability to respond to demand while maintaining the integrity of the vote.”

Special ballot boxes will be set up at polling stations so that those who cast their ballots by mail can go and cast their ballots on polling day.

All employees are encouraged to be vaccinated, but this is not mandatory.