May 29, 2022

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Chikoutimi – A hot fight is going on in Le Ford

Chikoutimi - A hot fight is going on in Le Ford

Fighting on Chikoutimi-Le Ford Riding in Sagune-Lock-Saint-Jean may turn tough in the run-up to the next federal election on September 20.

Last time, in the 2019 election, the Conservative Party of Canada won with 36.7% of the vote, while the Black Cubacos won with 35.2% of the vote.

Conservative MP Richard Martell, who represents him, believes in his chances. “Mr. Trudeau press the button and we will go to the polls. So we have a lot of power because we expected it, but we do not know when,” he said.

The candidate wants to better adapt to the facilities of the Port of Sagune and expedite processing times when the project is submitted, but economic development projects for the Fjord and Sagune River should take their course.

Candidate Julie Bouchard, who represents Black Cubacois, also expressed confidence in herself and believes she has experience as president of the Sagune-Lock-Saint-Jean Union of Health Professionals affiliated with the Federation Interprofessional‌ en Santo du Quebec (FIQ). This will help to increase the files further. “If I do not believe that Chikoutimi – Le Ford [aux couleurs du] Black Cubacos, I did not run for politics, ”she said Monday.

Problems close to his heart are mainly related to the health sector.

Jimmy Voyer will run for a second term under the banner of the People’s Party of Canada.

Since he did not post the election symbol, he relied on face-to-face meetings with citizens instead. “We want to see all Canadians the same way. For this area, there’s nothing special about Sagune-Lock-Saint-Jean. There will be taxes and lower taxes for everyone.

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The Liberal Party is expected to confirm the candidacy of business analyst Jean DuPlain, who is entering politics for the first time. The party contacted him a month ago, but he made his decision when the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change released its sixth report. The environment is central to his beliefs.