May 23, 2022

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David Saward wants to do a haircut in Montreal

David Saward wants to do a haircut in Montreal

David Saward is not a much-talked-about player, but the 30-year-old has great confidence, a kind of quiet strength that gives the Montreal Canadians a lot of confidence. He will not hide his goal for next season.

“My plan is to have the exact same day I experienced next year. We will try to bring the cup back to Montreal. I really like the way the Canadians played in the playoffs.

Savior knows that fans have this particular desire and he believes his experience will help him write this new chapter.

“It’s a different team, but many Canadian players have won the cup with other teams on the circuit and that is a reason for their careers. Can’t buy the experience. It’s hard to get there. Now I have this luggage and I will try to help them.”

The dream of youth

The Stanley Cup champion also wore his new jersey in the final days of his new team locker room tour.

“It’s a special feeling. I grew up watching Canadians play, it’s really special. I can not wait to wear skates for the first game at the Bell Center. I have more relatives now, they come and I play, I can not wait.”

The former Columbus player mentioned in an interview a few years ago that he admired the Ohio tranquility. Time seems to have changed Sauward’s perspective of knowing exactly what he is doing to stay in Montreal.

“I’m not in the same place in my life anymore. I have a family now. I think Montreal will be difficult for a young player who wants to settle in the National League. I have known my character for many years and I will not change the recipe. I know what to expect and it worries me less than in the past.” , Mentioned the new number 58 on the team.

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New climate

Fans will be happy to hear that Saward has emerged from excellent health in the final playoffs, with 6-foot 2, 227-pound peers feeling ready for the new campaign.

“I’m lucky in this regard. Small sores, but nothing serious. The body is working well and it will be good for next year.”

The next few weeks will allow the Savard family to find a residence in Montreal and arrange a move to start training camp.

Saward gift to Lock-Beauport

The Stanley Cup trip in Lock-Beauport Municipality took place with peace and good humor. This is the perfect vision that new Montreal Canadians player David Saward has planned for his day with a valuable trophy.

“It’s important to share this moment with as many people as possible,” Saward explained. The people who support you are important. Family, friends and community who have welcomed us since 2014. We love being here. This is a very beautiful day. ”

Lord Stanley’s Precious Trophy has not been visited by the municipality since Simon Gagne’s victory with the Los Angeles Kings in 2012. Saward also hosted a small private party with some local hockey players. Patrice Bergeron also lives in the area.

“It’s a pleasure to see grown children seeing their father’s name on the cup. I wanted to make this little gesture for the former champions.”

Locke-Beaufort Mayor, Michael Beaulie, is very happy with the er hockey of the hockey player.

“He told me I had two hours with a cup and I had a Carte Blanche. We wanted to do a little parade in the streets and do a photo shoot for the people. There were a lot of people, I guess there might be more than 1000 people. For a community of 8,000 citizens, this Succeeded throughout.

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After Monday’s poutine and Tuesday’s maple toffee, which dish is going to enter the Stanley Cup today? The main party did not want to reveal his plans.

“We planned something and we hope it will be a delicious dish.”

The first

For many fans, being in the presence of the Stanley Cup for the first time is a unique experience. It was the occasion when eight-year-old Gabriel Saint-Georges lined up with his father to take his father with Sward.

There is no doubt about the loyalty of the young hockey fan who proudly wore his Canadian shirt.

“It’s really fun. My favorite player is Cole Cofield, but I love the whole team. I hope they win the cup next year.

The desire of thousands of mate enthusiasts in Quebec. While waiting for the parade on St.-Catherine Street, you must be patient with the parade on the Chemin du Brele in Lock-Beauport.