July 5, 2022

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Departing from Radio-Canada: Pascal Nade presents a version of her facts

Departing from Radio-Canada: Pascal Nade presents a version of her facts

Pascal Nade Did not retire. In an open letter published in The sun, The former chief of Téljournal Weekend, cited her reasons for leaving Radio-Canada after being suspended last winter.

“I never wanted to end my career so quickly, I still have so many good years and I’m not sure I will end this way through the back door,” she wrote.

Pascal Nadee said in her letter that a year ago, Radio-Canada received an anonymous denunciation of her. She described it as “a collection of false accusations or cited entirely in context.” The “humiliating, painful and traumatic” trial followed.

According to him, the findings of the report speak to unsubstantiated or partially established allegations.

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Until the case is brought to arbitration and becomes public, the experienced journalist will remain silent.

In her open letter, Pascal Nadee points out that she is swimming in complete obscurity and talks about the whole “disciplinary drift” on Radio-Canada.

“How can I get my 38-year-old career in so many newsrooms, without any stain on my record, without any warning from my employers and get this disgraceful and unfair permission?” The man who joined Radio-Canada in 1988 after hosting the TQS Bulletin in Montreal is shocked.

“I’m not perfect,” she continued. I have nature and I may have impatient moments. I am full, clear, passionate, honest and sincere. With me, we always have the right time. And then, I hate injustice and lies. However, this is what I encountered. “

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Earlier this month, in a press release, Pascal Nade, who had been away from Radio-Canada for several months, announced that he had “recently informed Communications” that he intended to “withdraw this fall”.

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