May 23, 2022

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Doug Ford sent fake invoices to party supporters

Doug Ford sent fake invoices to party supporters

Veronica Doan says she is In a state of shock When she opened the envelope she addressed To the Doan family.

When she realized it wasn’t a real bill, her surprise led to anger. They tried to deceive me, to steal from me! Even though I was asked to donate, it looks like a letter from Tax, which is amazing, Started the mother of North Bay.

She Elderly or people who do not speak English well are concerned Can be deceived by letter and pay hundreds of dollars to the Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario (PCP) who are believed to be indebted to government money. His mother donated PPC In the past. That’s why she got the envelope, she thinks.

The Progressive Conservative Party in Ontario did not respond to our interview requests and did not say how many letters were sent. CBC / Radio-Canada received another copy of the invoice, this time for $ 800. There are many campaigns going on on social media.

The envelope sent to the supporters reads in red, “Important: Invoice Inside”.

Photo: Radio-Canada / Veronic Doan

Election lawyer Jack Siegel rightly qualified for this strategy Scam And Doug Ford said he was shocked by the party Thought it was a good idea. However, he said it was a gray area on the legal side.

It does not appear to be a criminal offense and there is no provision in the Electoral Act prohibiting it., He he said.

However, he noted that this violates the Canada Post Corporation Act, which prohibits the sending of false invoices. Canada Post may want to look into this.

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Fierce opposition

NDP MP Taurus Natyashak wrote a letter to Elections Ontario on Wednesday to find out whether the fundraising campaign violates election laws.

It is disturbing that the Prime Minister has given the power to a fundraising letter created to deliberately mislead vulnerable people and donate them to his campaign.

A quote from:NDP MP Taurus Natyak

Ontario Liberal Party President Brian Johns also talks about one Scam And indicates that they have asked the Ontario, Ontario Provincial Police and the Canadian Anti-Fraud Center to begin an investigation into the election.

In collaboration with CBC’s Angelina King