May 20, 2022

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Mandatory vaccinations for healthcare workers: Unions oppose

By October 1, the Quebec government announced on Tuesday that vaccinations were mandatory for health workers who had to spend more than 15 minutes with patients.

According to Nancy Hogan, President of CHU de Quebec’s Inter-Professional Union – it combines nurses, nursing assistants and pulmonologists – Adds more stress behind health care professionals.

In addition, all employees must receive their first dose by September 1, and the second dose by October 1. They can’t work.

Nancy Hogan is president of CHU de Quebec’s Inter-Professional Union.

Photo: Radio-Canada

She feared this new health measure would lead to chain resignations in a sector already suffering from a shortage of employees.

What are we going to do with people who refuse to be vaccinated? Are we going to delete them?

A quote from:Nancy Hogan, President of the Inter-Professional Union of CHU de Quebec

Can we lose nurses, licensed practical nurses and respiratory therapists at this point? Do we have the tools when there are not more than 500 nurses and many pulmonologists in our country?, She asks.

In case of rejection of the vaccine, the government recommends the implementation of suspension without payment.

We are saved

Patricia Pouliot, treasurer of the Chaudhry-Appalachian Healthcare Professionals Union, also shared this view.

With all the cabinet orders the people were tired of being stressed. I don’t think it is effective, I think it is better that we go through education and awareness, She assures.

Patricia Poliot in a facetime interview with Radio-Canada.

Patricia Pouliote Chowdhury-Appalachies Healthcare Professionals Union Treasurer.

Photo: Radio-Canada

In addition, the two union leaders recalled that nearly 90% of health workers in both areas had been adequately vaccinated.

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We are protected and we wear professional equipment as well as protect the population well [de respecter] Hygiene rules. We suggest vaccinating professionals, but not forcing the world, Concluded Mrs. Hogan.

Good idea

Radio-Canada questioned in front of the Center Hospitalier DL University Laval (CHUL) that nurses working in the healthcare organization welcomed the Legalt government decision.

It was just a good idea, we were tired of working overtime for staff who were not vaccinated with two doses., Celine The nurse responds in the neonatal unit at Thibault Chal, Which invites the entire population to receive two doses of the vaccine.

In addition, Ms. Thibault wants public health to review some of the measures, in particular Pregnant women and people without immunity return to work.

Admin agent Chal, Hélène Lajeunesse also claims himself Absolutely agree With this new health measure.

For his part, Genevieve Legendre, an emergency young mental health activist, does not believe it is a good idea to force workers to be vaccinated. But I highly recommend it, for sure, Her nuances.

The mandatory vaccine will be discussed in a parliamentary committee next week and will be discussed to this extent with the opposition parties.

With information from Guylaine Bussière