November 27, 2022

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The pandemic, a good useless time for the mental health of Mariana Mazza

The pandemic, a good useless time for the mental health of Mariana Mazza

The pandemic Mariana Marrow is “the most beneficial thing in the world” for mental health. In the beginning of the fatigue, the comedian was able to take this useless time to settle down, regain his strength and redefine himself as an artist. “I realized how much I like to do a lot of things. I don’t want to limit myself to one box anymore, comedian. I’m an actor too,” she said.

“Honestly, if it’s not a pandemic I think it’s on fire right now. I’m starting my tour in March, I do not understand how bad it’s to get on the road so quickly. Journal.

So the exact time – three years – is in the scenario Maria Mariana Mazza rested on the desk. The pandemic freed her from her commitments, and the comedian ended the opportunity with his writing partner Justin Philly.

This story is about how a young woman in her thirties decides to accept her responsibility to fulfill the last wishes of her seriously ill mother without great ambition. To do this, she accepts an alternative position in high school, where her students show her all the colors … and vice versa.

“True” Mariana

Movie lovers will soon find a distinctive heroine, however, most of all modeled on the Mariana Mazza profile. She totally guesses. And that’s what it wanted. Because the comedian, famous for his hilarity on stage, wanted to show another aspect of his own personality more calmly.

“When I’m on stage, I’m myself … but at the 10th power. I should. But in life, I’m not like that. It brings me back to the center, the sensitivity and I’m excited, “she said.

“And anyway, for my first film, I was not ready to do a composition role. Becoming an actress is like becoming a vegetarian; We are quietly going step by step, ”she adds.

These composition characters, they come very quickly. Because, for now, Mariana is moving further away from her own identity on the marrow set Disappearing lines, A film parody of a play of the same title.

Wiped tattoos, softened features, different power … the comedian guarantees a complete transformation on screen.

“It’s a step closer to the characters that are far and away from where I am. I go there quietly, I continue to learn business and I love it,” she said.

Different energy

During the theatrical release Maria (Scheduled for Friday), Mariana Mazza admits to experiencing “completely different” emotion from what she used when launching a new project.

“A tour changes, it thrives. Maria, Which will be on television in two years. People can rent it. And when they’re going to talk about me in 30 years, that film can be mentioned. But that will never change. This is correct. I am proud of it and I am responsible for everything that is said. I In all She says.

Maria Playing from Friday.