February 24, 2024

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Liberals will not get their “easy victory”, Conservatives say elections in Canada 2021

Liberals will not get their "easy victory", Conservatives say elections in Canada 2021

I heard it was already broken, Teasing the Conservative leader by pointing at his rival plane.

In fact, the Liberals device has a lot of potential to fly – unlike in 2019, when one of its wings was drawn on a bus on a first day trip. But the film suggested by Erin O’Toole is a good example of the Conservatives’ record in the first week of the campaign.

Liberals have shown extra confidence by immersing us in elections. They thought it was an easy victory, but forgot that their opponents could also campaign, In anonymity, underlined the high-level party, who said Optimistic, but careful, After seven days of political animosity.

Behind the scenes, conservatives believe they have earned points by releasing their platform on campaign day 2 – the first in recent party history. Unlike liberals who have not yet published their detailed platform, they want to project an image of the political structure that has an economic recovery plan.

In the field, most candidates said they would like to go door-to-door with a 160-page document in their hand. It allows us to respond to everyone, because every citizen has their personal concern, Explains the Conservative candidate in Richmond-Artabasca, Alain Reyes.


The abortion question came back to haunt the Conservative leader.

Photo: The Canadian Press / Ryan Remiorge

Obviously, the first week was not without errors. On election day, for example, many questions about Chief Erin O’Toole were avoided Mandatory vaccination Officers and candidates of his party.

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We need to be clear from the beginning about our vaccination policy, Identifies a similar high-level figure in conservative propaganda.

The Miscarriage problem They also returned to chase the Tory leader. In her leadership contest, Erin O’Toole opposed forcing doctors to refer her patients to other health professionals when they were unwilling to provide care such as abortion, when he spoke out against the campaign Friday. Also the abortion prevention group Right now He is accused of backtracking on the issue.

Do not take too quickly

Erin O Tool in the empty room.

Poll analyst agrees that Erin O Tool training went well in the first week.

Photo: Radio-Canada / Jonathan Dupal

Despite these difficulties, poll analyst Eric Grenier agrees that conservatives like the New Democrats are doing well in the first week. It still issues alerts.

First, their support, which rose to 31-32% in some polls this week, was lower than the popular vote they received in the last election, at 34%.

Mr O’Toole has yet to return to where Andrew Scheer was two years ago.

A quote from:Eric Grenier, poll analyst

Also, Mr. Grenier added, it looks like the Conservatives in particular are gaining ground. In order to win, Erin O Tool’s forces must gain new support in Quebec and Ontario.

If I were Mr. O Tool, I would wait before measuring the curtains in the Prime Minister’s office, He finished with a smile.

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