April 2, 2023

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Tens of thousands of Americans are without electricity due to Hurricane Henry

Tens of thousands of Americans are without electricity due to Hurricane Henry

New York | More than 100,000 residents in the northeastern United States were without electricity on Sunday, when Hurricane Henry crossed, according to a special site, calling on President Joe Biden to be especially vigilant in the face of flood hazards.

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More than 72,000 people in the state of Rhode Island, 30,000 in Connecticut, and 10,000 in Massachusetts were affected by daytime power outages, according to the PowerTage.com site.

According to the National Weather Service, the storm made landfall near Rhode Island at 12:15 p.m.

In its 5pm bulletin, the US Hurricane Monitoring Center, NHC, reported that the storm was blowing with winds of up to 65 km / h, down from 120 km / h at sea the previous day.

“It is important to monitor the situation and be ready in your home and surroundings. In addition to medicines, food, water and battery-powered radios that your family needs, make sure you have the facilities in case of prolonged power cuts,” the president said late in the afternoon. Biden, at a press conference.

Henry, which was reduced to a tropical cyclone by a hurricane in the morning by the NHC, must move at low speed over the next few hours, the bulletin said before noting that the storm could stop in New York State and near the border. Connecticut tonight “.

The Northeastern United States is generally relatively unaffected by such storms, which affect more southern states such as Florida or Louisiana.

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Scientists say that as the surface of the oceans warms, hurricanes become more powerful. In particular, they pose a more significant risk to coastal communities affected by phenomena that are vaguely submerged by rising ocean levels.

“Good Escape”

Although Rhode Island Governor Dan McKee said there had been “significant flooding” in some areas, initial responses from some residents indicated that the storm was not as bad as expected.

“We escaped with it,” Newport resident James Kicker told AFP he saw “minor damage” with some small broken branches in his area.

According to the NHC, the rainfall in this area is seven to 15 cm, and in places 25 cm. “Reunion” of artists with the people of New York.

By noon, however, the NHC had lifted all warnings of sinking off the coast.

The mayor of Boston, Massachusetts’ largest city, urged residents Sunday morning to be prepared for “devastating winds” and “potential power cuts.”

“Please stay inside,” Kim Johnny pleaded at the press conference.

New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo declared a state of emergency Saturday as the storm approached, with 500 National Guard troops deployed in support of the storm response efforts.

The deteriorating weather on Saturday evening halted a large concert held in Central Park to mark the artists’ “reunion” with the people of New York. Singer Barry Money interrupted in the middle of a song by a voice asking the audience to evacuate quickly, but calmly.

The tragic memory of Hurricane Sandy, which killed 44 people in the city in 2012, still lingers in the country’s cultural and financial capital.

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