May 20, 2022

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Vaccine Passport | Quebec apps have shattered Apple charts

Vaccine Passport |  Quebec apps have shattered Apple charts

Applications VaxiCode And VaxiCode Verif The Ministry of Health and Social Services (MSSS) launched on Wednesday with the aim of verifying the validity of the vaccine passport, topping the Apple App Store charts. Despite concerns from IT security experts, the popularity of both softwares has outweighed Google maps, Instagram And TickTalk For the day.

Tristan Poloquin

Tristan Poloquin

Alice Girard-Boss

Alice Girard-Boss

Both applications allow from 1Is In September, Quebec is offering the QR code provided by Quebec as proof of vaccination, to check whether a person has been double-vaccinated in various stores and public places. They will be available on the Android platform in the next few days.

According to summary inspections Tap I was able to do this through a network monitoring tool, the software for iPhone devices does not communicate with remote servers when the QR code verification is complete.

Computer security expert Franయిois Proulx, who discovered a major vulnerability in the mechanism set up by Quebec to distribute QR codes last May, came to the same conclusion: these two applications do not share information on government servers or external companies. There is a risk of invading privacy.

Last May, the computer scientist succeeded in decoding the information entered in the QR codes provided by the government. He created software that allows anyone to read immune information, including a person’s name, date of birth, date of immunization, place of vaccination, and place of immunization.

Submit to authorized persons only

Four IT security experts were contacted Tap On Wednesday it was assessed that it is theoretically possible for malicious traders to use government-approved software to read confidential information contained in QR codes provided by the MSSS. This information can be cross-checked with other databases, making a significant attack on privacy.

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The Quebec government has also indicated in the privacy policy published in the App Store that individuals who use an application other than the one developed by the government will be able to access “all vaccine information” contained in the QR codes. “Therefore, you need to protect your QR code even after it has been placed in the application. [VaxiCode], And you only need to certify the vaccine or show it to people who are authorized by law to know your vaccine status. We at least recommend that you show your QR code only to people who use the app. VaxiCode Verif Of the Quebec government “, it stated.

Another error has been corrected

Another loophole Mr. Prouls discovered in May was that, as the government corrected, it could theoretically allow government employees to download the QR codes of 300,000 people for up to seven days.

According to our information, several computer programmers and security specialists began examining two government applications on Wednesday to verify their operation in detail. “I have no doubt that this is well done and that the government is in good faith. But if I were to say that these applications are safe for my father or my spouse, it is my duty as a citizen with the technical capabilities to ensure that we all have the following, without blind faith. Francois Legalt It is 100% safe,” Said.

Photo by Sarah Mongyu-Birkett, Press

Applications VaxiCode Verif And VaxiCode

How to use VaxiCode

Here are three steps to use the app VaxiCode Allows vaccine proof to be submitted

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1. Download the app

As of Wednesday, Apple device users can download the free app VaxiCode In the App Store. Compatible with all the above models of iPhone 6.

The application will be available on the Play Store for Android devices in the next few days.

Remember from 1Is September, application or vaccine proof in paper format must be submitted at certain locations or participate in unnecessary activities.

2. Scan your QR code

First upload proof of your vaccine on the government self-service portal. Print it out or take a screenshot of the QR code.

If you choose Printing, go to the app VaxiCode And scan your printed QR code using your cell phone camera. Make sure you are in a well-lit room or using your cell phone flashlight.

If you select a screenshot, upload the photo to the app by clicking “Select QR Code Image”. You must allow the app to access your photos.

3. Confirm registration

If the proof of vaccination is properly recorded, your name will appear above green as “adequately protected” if you received your two doses and “not adequately protected” in red if you received only one dose.

Multiple QR codes can be downloaded in a single application, including family members.

No smart phone?

People who do not have a smartphone can print their vaccine proof in various formats.

Service Quebec provides telephone support to traders and citizens at 1 877 644-4545, especially for those who have not been successful in downloading their QR code. The printed “Business Card” format on the same number can be requested and received by mail.

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Proof of vaccination is requested only for persons aged 13 and over. Individuals with marked resistance to the COVID-19 vaccine can still access these sites and activities.