March 25, 2023

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U.S. Supreme Court lifts moratorium on eviction of tenants

U.S. Supreme Court lifts moratorium on eviction of tenants

(Washington) The United States Supreme Court on Thursday evening lifted a ban on tenant evictions scheduled for October, suspending protection for millions of people in financial trouble amid the pandemic.

The U.S. Supreme Court has ruled in favor of homeowners, claiming they are victims of unwanted actions and arguing that the restoration of the moratorium should be decided by Congress and so far not the health authorities who are the source of these actions.

The first ban on tenant evictions was set in 2020, when the United States was hit hardest by an epidemic and a dizzy unemployment rate.

When the moratorium expired in late July, President Biden’s administration urged U.S. lawmakers to legislate urgently to extend it. What the elected officials could not do before Congress stopped its work for the summer break.

Under pressure from his party’s left, Cory Bush, an elected member of the House, camped several days in front of a congressional seat, Biden’s administration’s health officials announced a new temporary ban. They relied on public health risks to justify their decision.

“If the eviction moratorium imposed by federal authorities is to continue, Congress must authorize it,” the Supreme Court moved in a fifteen-page argument with a conventional majority.

The White House immediately expressed “disappointment”.

“Because of this decision, families will face tragic evictions, and communities across the country will be at greater risk for COVID-19,” the president’s spokesman lamented. American, Jen Saki.

“President Biden has once again called for urgent action to prevent all evictions from cities and states from local courts, landlords and ministerial agencies.” She says.

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The U.S. executive hopes to challenge this moratorium in court, while allowing tenants extra time to pay the funds allocated to help them pay their rent, but their payments have slowed significantly – especially due to the authoritarian system.