July 1, 2022

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EDward Gaming in the LPL and World Finals

EDward Gaming in the LPL and World Finals

The EDward gaming team won 3-0 against WE, allowing them to qualify for the playoffs final of the LPL Summer Split, which opens the door to the Worlds 2021 League of Legends.

After losing the 2019 and 2020 editions, EDward Gaming is back in the world

The LPL Summer Split 2021 season playoffs continued this morning, with the Funplex Phoenix team reaching the playoff finals and the 2021 League of Legends Worlds the next day, the Losers Bracket semi-final. And BO5 between Team WE and EDward Gaming. Last Thursday, the LNG team put an end to their dreams by beating the EDGs 3-1. The next day, the FPX team had no feelings against the WE, beating them 3-0 and thus ending their amazing fantastic run; Missing and his teammates had a very similar journey to LNG Sports, starting the playoffs in the first round, removing OMG, BiliBili Gaming and Rare Atoms in the last few matches and sending EDG into the losers bracket.

The two teams have already faced each other in these playoffs of the LPL Summer Split; On behalf of the 4th round of the playoffs, the EDGs went down by a score of 2-3. After losing the first two sets, Scout and his teammates were able to get back to the score, forcing their opponents to play the 5th game, but WE was finally able to get the final say in the meeting, thus qualifying for the semi-finals. Facing FunPlus Phoenix, Team WE is doomed, facing EDward Gaming for last place in the final.

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For this “return match” between EDward Gaming and Team WE, Scout and his teammates were able to get their revenge, and it was a beautiful 3-0 win. 3rd round Especially with the intensity of the madness, in the nearly 40-minute game both teams deflected the opposite blow for the blow; Superior in Team Fight, due to their draft, the EDGs won this final round after a big team fight in the 42nd minute.

The EDward gaming team won 3-0 against WE to qualify for the grand final of the Chinese League Summer Season. This victory was significant because the EDGs confirmed their participation in the League of Legends World Championship; Like FunPlus Phoenix, the team has collected enough championship points to go to the Worlds with at least Seed 2 in the league. The final winner goes to the Worlds with Seed 1, and the loser finds himself Seed 2. Regarding Team WE, we will meet them again in early September for the regional finals; They face LNG Sports, Rare Atom and RNG, trying to get back one of the last two slots still playing for the Worlds.

Qualifiers for the summer will resume on September 2 at 11:00 am with the grand final between LPL Summer Split and BO5 FunPlus Phoenix and EDward Gaming.