June 7, 2023

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Vaccine Passport: Careful Wall-Des-Source Restaurants

Vaccine Passport: Careful Wall-Des-Source Restaurants

For restaurants in large urban centers, the Wednesday vaccination passport entry into force is being approved and applied, while in smaller municipalities, this measure is less welcome if employers are struggling with staff shortages.

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This is especially true of Mario Droin, the owner of Chez Mimi Canteen on Wall-Des-Sources, who decided to close his canteen a month and a half in advance.

In addition to having difficulty implementing the health instructions related to the mask, he does not have the resources or energy needed to apply this new measure.

Nathalie Perrault, co-owner of the restaurant L’apéro, gave her two weeks to decide whether she would like to keep her dining room open or return to the take-out dining plan.

Ms. Perrault had almost fifty seats in her restaurant and only two employees could not see how to handle this extra work. Refraction clients ’reaction and frustration to the next vaccine were also noted.

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