October 3, 2023

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What’s the key to a celebrity level smile?

Have you ever noticed that most of Hollywood’s stars have perfect teeth?  Well, maybe not everyone in tinsel town, but at least the heartthrobs (both men and women) do.  It would certainly call your own smile into question when you catch a glimpse of your less-than-perfect teeth in the mirror during a washroom break while watching a movie…  Being the smart cookie that you are, you’ll likely have already deduced that they weren’t born with those dazzling pearly whites, but maybe you don’t know what their secret is.  As it happens, I’ve done some research on this topic and this post is all about how celebrities get that perfect smile.

Maybe you’ve guessed (or tried it out for yourself) but there’s something more going on than just a few whitening treatments at the dentist.  It’s also more than great genes or wearing braces during grade school that creates that kind of smile, even though these things make a huge difference.  I figured I’d go straight to the source on this one and, nope, according to my dentist at Martindale Dental, celebrities have another trick up their sleeve, and it’s called – veneers.  My dentist explained the procedure and showed me some before and after photos that totally put things into perspective, showing me just how an average or even crooked smile can look after dental veneers are installed. Apart from veneers, many of your favorite Hollywood stars go through other cosmetic dental treatments to fix up their smile too. Some of them have gotten gum surgery or dental implants in Colorado Springs, but in this article, we will be discussing more on veneers.

Dental veneers are a thin porcelain shell that your dentist attaches over top of your natural tooth (or teeth) to upgrade your smile.  Veneers have the capability to give your smile a full makeover by hiding a gap, lengthening short teeth and visually straightening out any misaligned teeth.  The procedure involves some drilling and sanding of your tooth enamel so that your dentist can bond the porcelain cap (veneer) to the front facing surface of your tooth.  The veneers are then shaped (this can be done beforehand as well) into your new smile and the tooth colour is matched to the surrounding natural teeth, or if you’re getting a full row, to whatever shade you’ve chosen.  The process requires about two weeks which makes it a perfect alternative to braces or much more invasive dental implants.  If done correctly, there is very little drilling necessary to install veneers, so tooth sensitivity isn’t really an issue down the road.  Modern veneers are tough, but they can chip.  This means brush, floss, and eat like you normally would, but nail biting or things like chewing ice cubes aren’t recommended.  Veneers are also permanent so it should be a one-time procedure to have them installed.

Dental veneers aren’t only for celebs, but everybody who wants to enhance their smile can benefit.  Veneers are also a great way to reduce the signs of aging or to repair damaged teeth.  For instance, as we age, our teeth become worn down and discoloured, which are two issues that a set of veneers can fix very easily.  They’re also good for people who grind their teeth and have subsequently worn them down a couple millimeters.

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Veneers can give you a dazzling smile, but they aren’t without their drawbacks.  The biggest problem is price, as veneers aren’t cheap and can cost upwards of $2000 per tooth, which definitely isn’t chump change.  Another thing is that going overboard with veneers can make your smile look fake.  That means don’t cram biggest, whitest of white veneers into your mouth because you still want your teeth to seem natural.  Choose a slightly subdued colour and have the veneers shaped to look natural.  Also, even though they are permanent, installing veneers requires the surface of your natural underlying teeth to be permanently altered so there’s not going back afterwards.

As “simple” as veneers are they do take some consideration (and a rather large dental budget) so they’re not really something you should do on a whim.  If you’re interested in learning more, speak with your dental professional and they’ll be more than happy to walk you through everything that’s required and guide you through the process.