May 22, 2022

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Windows 11: October 5 release of the best gaming OS with Xbox | Xbox One

Windows 11: Xbox, Game Pass and Cloud |  One of the best gaming OS Xbox with

A few weeks ago, Microsoft officially unveiled a new version of its operating system. With Windows 11, the video game has come a long way in believing in the many features that have been unveiled. No need to wait too long to get its benefit without crossing the test stage. In fact, the American giant has unveiled its next OS release date.

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Windows 11 will be available on October 5th

Therefore the new Microsoft OS will be available to all PC owners under Windows 10 from October 5. Of course, the minimum recommendations for operating the OS must be respected, otherwise it is impossible to take advantage of. Windows 11. Windows 11 pre-installed devices can also be purchased from today. Microsoft is working with manufacturers to sell all qualified devices with Windows 11 preinstalled by 2022.

Auto HDR in over 1000 PC games

Microsoft has already promised, but Windows 11 events have once again confirmed that Windows 11 games can take advantage of the existing automatic HDR in some Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S games. More than 1000 PC games are compatible with it. ‘Auto HDR coming soon, including the following four titles:

  • Age of Empires Definitive Edition
  • Rocket League
  • Dazed
  • Doom 64

Of course, you need to have a screen that supports HDR to take advantage of the expected improvements. As a reminder, auto HDR function algorithms make it possible to enhance the image with an expanded color range to significantly enhance its dynamics.

Depending on the game, the result is more or less reliable and, however, the feature can be turned on or off as desired.

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The Xbox Series X and S DirectStorage technology comes with Windows games

Xbox Series X | With the release of S, we discovered Xbox Velocity Architecture and its DirectStorage. The good news is that the latter is also available on PCs with NVMe SSDs and is exclusive to Windows 11.

Thanks to DirectStorage, which is exclusively available in Windows 11, games can load their data onto a graphics card without interfering with the CPU. This means you can enjoy amazing detailed worlds calculated at lightning speed, avoiding long load times. Windows 11 PCs are pre-configured “optimized for DirectStorage” and have the necessary drivers to enable this extraordinary experience.

Xbox Game Pass and Cloud Gaming integrated into Windows 11

Windows 11 will be the operating system for games more than ever. The Xbox GamePass, already widely advertised on the console, also qualifies for the leading position in Windows 11 through the Xbox GamePass application.

There are hundreds of Xbox game pass games available in the catalog through the Xbox application, apparently home-developed games by Xbox and Bethesda, but there are also third-party games and games available from the EA Play catalog for the Xbox GamePass Ultimate members. .

Xbox Cloud Gaming also comes to light on the Xbox App for Windows 11. Still for Xbox GamePass Ultimate members, launching games available in the cloud directly from the application interface is a question. This is the same operation already available in the mobile application.

You can find a list of Xbox Game Pass games for 2021 and 2022 in our special article.

Suitable for your favorite devices

Microsoft is compatible with many peripherals with its many consoles. PC rule is no exception and Windows 11 clearly allows you to connect the tools you need to enjoy your favorite controller or flight simulator‌.

Whether it’s the new Xbox wireless controllers, mechanical keyboards, dedicated gaming mice, Xbox adaptive controller, surround headsets, external graphics cards and more, you’ll soon be able to connect millions of peripherals and accessories to play the way you want.

Microsoft account sharing is still effective

A few months ago, we provided a guide for sharing your Microsoft account with your loved ones on PC. This makes it possible to take advantage of second games and subscriptions without spending a dime. Windows 11 is already available to verify that account sharing is still effective under this new OS. Assure, so it is still possible to enjoy. Best of all, the process remains the same. If you already decide to upgrade to Windows 11 when sharing an account, you do not need to do anything.