May 30, 2023

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Abortion | Joe Biden denies the ‘harmful’ encouragement he denies in Texas

Abortion |  Joe Biden denies the 'harmful' encouragement he denies in Texas

(Washington) US President Joe Biden on Friday denounced the “harmful” nature of the most compulsory abortion law in Texas, which promotes reporting, promotion, organizations or individuals who assist women in abortion.

“The most damaging thing about this law in Texas is that it creates a kind of self-proclaimed vigilante system, people are collecting rewards,” he told reporters at the White House after his speech. On employment statistics.

“It sounds ridiculous, almost anti-American,” he says.

The president said he had asked his administration to look into legal ways to combat the system.

Texas ‘new law prohibits abortion as soon as the fetus’ heart rate is detected, which is almost six weeks pregnant, and most women are unaware that they are pregnant. There is only one exception: in a medical emergency.

The effort was unprecedented. Twelve U.S. states have passed similar laws but all have been struck down in court, in the case of Texas, the federal Supreme Court has refused to overturn the law.

The law of the vast southern state also stands because the enforcement of this action is encouraged to bring civil complaints against citizens, women or persons who assist in abortion, not by the authorities.

According to critics, the text provides that these plaintiffs will receive at least $ 10,000 in “compensation” in the event of a conviction.