June 7, 2023

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Ferry strike: Necessary services maintained

Ferry strike: Necessary services maintained

Navigation officers and mechanics of the Society des Travereres du Quebec (STQ) have been on strike for 48 hours from 6am on Friday.

Under an agreement between the employer party and the union, the administrative labor tribunal, which was taken over by the union, declared that it was “sufficient to maintain the services necessary to ensure the health or safety of the population.”

According to the agreement, the required service will not be provided during the strike for Quebec-Lewis, Sorrel-Tracy-Saint-Ignes-de-Loyola and Matane-by-Comou-Goddamboat crossings.

However, the Administrative Labor Tribunal said the service would be reduced for Tadoussac-by-Saint-Catherine and L’Isley-Ox-Coudress-Saint-Joseph-de-La-Rive crossings.

The Union is committed to maintaining the general crew who have the necessary certificates to ensure the continued service of a single vessel “for the Tadoussac-by-Saint-Catherine and L’Isle-aux-Coudres-Saint-Joseph-de -la showers.” -Rev, according to the Administrative Court.

“The Union is committed to making emergency voyages to make emergency crossings to St. Joseph-de-La, as well as to maintaining a regular crew on board a crew on call.” Coast between 11pm and 6am “, we added.

While STQ spent $ 3.3 million with staff recruitment agencies for temporary workers, the union blamed the employer for not being committed to discussing monetary issues.

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