May 22, 2022

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Sexual misconduct: Liberal candidate quits race

Sexual misconduct: Liberal candidate quits race

The Ontario Liberal MP withdrew from the race for re-election on Saturday after facing several allegations of sexual misconduct by his former campaign staff.

Raj Saini, who was first elected under the Liberal banner in the 2015 federal elections, has managed Kitchener Center Riding to this day.

The allegations have been gathered over the past few weeks and aired on CBC on Tuesday, August 31st. According to the News Network, Rainey was accused of making inappropriate remarks and making advances against young female members of his staff. Seven sources confirmed the allegations, which represent a total of four incidents.

In a lengthy statement posted on social networks on Saturday afternoon, Mr Saini defended himself for taking inappropriate action and denied “false allegations” against him.

“I have never been abusive towards staff, volunteers or members. As a brilliant professional, and someone who values ​​integrity, as I participated in my campaign earlier this week, I have always maintained a decent, respectful, professional and inclusive work environment,” he wrote.

However, Raj Saini admitted that an allegation had gone to his office, but the trial eventually acquitted him without formally filing a complaint.

In a statement sent to the QMI agency, the Liberal Party confirmed that a process had taken place in this direction.

“A process began when an allegation was made against Mr Saini last year. When the person chose not to complain and not to participate in the process, an independent office assessment was conducted by the House of Commons. No review revealed any concern about harassment in the office. Based on this examination Mr Saini was approved as a candidate,” the party said. A spokesman said.

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“Here [vendredi], New information provided directly to the Liberal Party of Canada and the review process initiated. Mr. Saini is no longer a liberal candidate, ”we added.

“I am very proud of my work in the kitchen-center, the job has given me body and soul with joy and efficiency. However, continuing my campaign is no longer for the well-being of my family, staff, campaign team and members. For the health and safety of everyone, 44 I made the painful decision to end my campaignE Parliament, ”said Raj Saini.

It is not clear whether the final decision was made by Mr. Saini or by the Liberal Party.

Justin Trudeau on Friday refused to launch a new investigation into Mr Saini on the grounds that “solid, rigorous and independent processes” were already “in place”.

Earlier this week, Troy Myers, a Conservative candidate in Nova Scotia, left the race after being accused of touching a young woman, a former provincial candidate of the New Democratic Party, on Twitter.

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