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Venice Film Festival: The Day Consecrated for the Dune by Denise Villeneuve?

Venice Film Festival: The Day Consecrated for the Dune by Denise Villeneuve?

This new adaptation of the literary classic of science fiction by Frank Herbert – the huge red carpet of the Palazzo del Cinema, is ready to welcome the director in the company of stars.

Big premieres at the Venice Film Festival, firstFire In 2011, then, in 2016, that Arrival (Arrival), Allowed Denise Villeneuve to conquer the world.

As the saying goes, not two without three. The Beaconcore director wants to repeat the same scenario for his film Mound.

Finally, the movie appears on the big screen and is celebrated in the context of the movie! We have been looking forward to this movie year after year. I am so happy to be in Venice. This festival has brought me luck in the past, He told us in the days following his arrival in Lido, an island in Venice where the event was taking place.

Partially decisive projection

The Venice International Film Festival is the oldest film festival in the world and the most prestigious. Journalists from all over the world attend various press conferences Mound And at a large press conference.

The future of Mound Mostra will play a part during this time, as the first reviews about the film were written in Venice. Later, the Canadian people will be able to form their own opinion by October 22nd.

If things go right, there will be a sequel to the movie, because I did half the movie. All of this is a bit surreal to me.

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Adapter Mound A childhood dream for Denise Villeneuve. After four years of work, he was happy and satisfied with the result. Honestly, it’s not normal for me to say that. Usually I’m tough with what I do, but it’s a movie I’m proud of for being able to put pictures on screen that have haunted me for decades., He explains.

Satisfying this young man who dreamed so much while reading the novel is one of the most difficult jobs. There are a lot of moving pictures in this movie for me.

A quote from:Denise Villeneuve, director

References to the classics

In addition to paying homage to the novel Frank Herbert directed Blade Runner 2049In 2017, he wanted to pay tribute to all the film classics that inspired him.

I saw this movie as a big screen celebration. For the first time in my life, I was allowed to give scattered hints to have fun with the great images that identified me. It is prudent, but some hints are not prudentHe laughs.

Nearly 4000 people participated in the creation of the film; That’s more than the director’s hometown population.

It’s a big team, it’s a bit pharaonic like a project, He stressed.

But at the end of the day, they were still actors in front of the camera. My work [me concentrer] On privacy with the camera. When I shoot, I forget everything else. I have the ability [me concentrer], Should be a little more autistic compared to those around me.

We cross our fingers

Turn Mound Cost nearly $ 200 million. In Venice, the entire marketing team ensures that the media machine is racing to increase interest in the film.

Emotions filmmaker, Denise Villeneuve speaks from the heart at first, but when it comes to release he has shown that he is going away Mound.

We go over the fingers to make sure the screening goes smoothly and that the audience receives the film the way we designed it. After that, I had no more control and I let the movie go.

Communication work of Tanya Lapoint

On the red carpet, you see Denise Villeneuve with Tanya Lapoint. Former Radio-Canada Journalist and Documentary Maker Good luck on paper Executive Co-Producer of Mound.

Woman and man dressed in black for photographers.

Denise Villeneuve and Tanya Lapoint at the Venice Film Festival on Wednesday

Photo: Getty Images / Vitorio Junino Celotto

My role in staffing and communication management is very much there. With a team of thousands of people, the focus needs to be conveyed to everyone on the team. I also supervised the team filming the stunts, She explained to us in an interview.

For Denis Villeneuve, it was his first win in Venice.

We have been dedicated to this project for four years. In film, we don’t always work under circumstances Glamor. The red carpet is a spark, a great gift, especially after all this waiting.

A quote from:Tanya Lapoint, Coprodictris

According to her, Mound This film shows that enormous machine. Stephen Henderson, who at one point played the role of Tufir Hawat, went into the sets and said, “I feel like I’ve stepped into the pyramid.” It’s a bit like that, Mound, We are overreacting.

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ICI RDI will air a 30-minute special on Denise Villeneuve on Saturday at 12:30 p.m. Mound. The replay is scheduled for Sunday at 4:30 p.m.

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