July 6, 2022

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Surreal scene in Argentina-Brazil match

Surreal scene in Argentina-Brazil match

As the Brazil-Argentina match in Sao Paulo ended on Sunday with the intervention of Brazilian health officials, four Argentine players were accused of violating the anticoagulant protocols being played in England. .

FIFA confirmed in a statement that the qualifying session for the 2022 World Cup was “suspended by a referee’s decision”, without specifying whether it would be postponed.

The kickoff was given just five minutes after the surreal scene occurred: Anvisa Health Agency representatives and federal police rushed to the scene to end the meeting, causing total chaos.

Argentina tried to parole them, but eventually returned to the locker room an hour later before the Brazilian delegation left the stadium.

Claudio Tapia, president of the Argentine Federation (AFA), has promised to return directly to Buenos Aires on a flight this Sunday evening.

“It’s been three days since we’ve been here, why haven’t they (Anvisa agents) arrived before?”

“We have never been told that (four players) will not be able to play. We want to play, and so do the Brazilians,” said Argentine coach Lionel Scaloni.

“Fake news”

A few hours before the start, Anvisa announced in a statement that it had recommended that four local footballers be placed under “immediate quarantine” for providing “false information” to local authorities in Sవోo Paulo. Entrance form to Brazil.

According to the health agency, Celso (Tottenham), Emiliano Martinez (Aston Villa), Emiliano Bundia (Aston Villa) and Christian Romero (Tottenham) in Giovanni have failed to report that they have been in the United Kingdom for the past fourteen days. Their arrival.

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The AFA president for his part denied any “lying” about the players.

A June 23 ministerial order barred Brazil from entering the territory of the United Kingdom, India or South Africa to prevent the spread of Kovid-19 variants.

With more than 580,000 deaths, Brazil is the second country to suffer the most from Kovid-19.

Anvisa reported in a press release that the players were “prohibited from engaging in any activities and remaining on Brazilian territory”.

No duel Messi x Neymar

Despite this decision, Lo Celso, Martinez and Romero lined up in the opening 11 Albiceleste and started the game.

“We got into this situation because everything Anvisa recommended from the beginning was not followed. (The players) were ordered to be alone until they were expelled (from the country), but they went to the stadium and entered the field,” said Antonio Barra Torres, director of the health agency on the Globo TV channel.

Unlike the nine Brazilians in the Premier League called by coach Tait, four Argentines traveled despite the veto of English clubs, who banned their international American players from participating in these international matches.

“Everyone was shocked. This is an episode worthy of attention.

The wait for this shock is huge, in retaliation for the Copa America final, when Argentine superstar Lionel Messi won his first-choice title on July 10 with a 1-0 victory over Selenao in a 1-0 win over Maracana.

The conference is set against opposing team-mates Messi and Neymar at Paris SG from this summer after playing together for four years at FC Barcelona (2013-2017).

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It was a duel in the South American qualifiers, with the Brazilians leading by 21 points and seven wins in seven matches, followed by Albiceleste (15 points).