March 22, 2023

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In hospitals and nursing homes, caregivers are at the bottom of the wall

In hospitals and nursing homes, caregivers are at the bottom of the wall

From September 15, employees who do not take the first injection will be suspended. Companies are managing themselves to replace the past repeater.

“The vaccine is still highly reluctant, but we’re ready.” Two days before September 15 – the first step for vaccinators to make the mandatory vaccination against Kovid-19 – shows that Ho Chi Minh Nursing Home (HOUT-RIN) has vaccinated 93% of its 53 employees. But the deadline is approaching: on September 15, they will no longer be able to work if they do not receive at least one dose of the vaccine and will have to be tested regularly until they get their full vaccination schedule; By October 15, everyone should be fully vaccinated.

Saline Shandlong, director of the company, knew that refusing their first injection would have to be done without four employees (nursing assistants and hotel staff). “I want to give them a choice until the last moment. But in case of rejection, I have to terminate the contract from September 16. In this case, I have planned interim reinforcements so as not to jeopardize the continuation of care.

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