June 29, 2022

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Agropark on Sisters of Charity lands: a well-received project

The Quebec purchase offer was submitted to the religious community last Thursday, which has 21 days to make a decision. Information first reported by Le Journal de Quebec, Then Radio-Canada confirmed.

Financial details were not disclosed, but the offer matched the municipal valuation of the land, which was approximately $ 30 million.

The Sisters of Charity will establish a historical and educational path on agricultural heritage.

Photo: Radio-Canada / Dominic Martell

Agriculture and History

The Legalt government project will cover approximately 250 hectares of agriculture, education and research, making it one of the largest green spaces in Quebec. The Sisters of Charity will also establish a historical and educational path on agricultural heritage.

Cultivated produce can be sold at the Grand March of Quebec and fertilizer from a future biogas plant will be used.

Appreciated project

The LeBron administration has made two attempts to amend The agricultural occupation of the lands of the nuns, But she hesitated To the protests of strong citizens And Quebec government rejection. The new project will typically meet the demands of rivals to build 6,500 houses on these lands.

Johann Giralt, director general of UrbanCultures, hopes the nuns will accept the government’s proposal.

In Quebec, he believes that only 2% of the land is arable, so we need to protect existing farmland, even in urban areas.

Protect the best land, no matter where it is He insisted on the show on Tuesday morning The first hour. In the territory of Quebec City, I think it is perfectly suited. The city is still sprawling in Quebec.

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With the epidemic we have experienced, we have returned to the center of food autonomy and food safety priorities.

A quote from:Johann Giralt, Managing Director, UrbanCultures

Liaison with researchers, schools, and various partners makes it possible to enrich the project., He excites.

Transparency demanded by Sol Janetti

Sol Janetti, in solidarity with Deputy Jean-L‌sz, is showing some optimism despite wanting more transparency on its true intentions from the Caucasus government.

This is a step in the right direction. If the government really wants to protect these lands from any residential or commercial development, it must, permanently, deposit them in the FUSA (Fiducie d’utitaire Social Agricol)., He responded in a statement.

Without consulting the population, I am concerned that the project has already been fully determined. With the project submitted by CAQ, it looks like the government wants to build a lot of buildings for research. This is exactly how agricultural potential is not preserved.

A quote from:Sol Janetti, Solidarity for Gene-Lacez

Mr Janetti also accused the Legault government of not being a great protector of farmland with its third link project.

If the government really wants to protect farmland, it must end its third link project, de-zoning far more farmland than the Sisters of Charity land., He nuances.

Until the new profession is officially decided, the nuns rent the land. Cereals and soybeans are now grown there.

Jean Gagne, chief executive of Corporation de Services Mallet, which manages the affairs of the Sisters of Charity community, declined to comment on the matter.

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