May 27, 2023

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Judges: Trial required | The Journal of Quebec

Quebec: 10 months sentence for assaulting his ex-spouse

If the Justin Trudeau Liberal Party is so confident about appointing judges, why is it refusing serious audits or a commission of inquiry?

After our revelation on Friday on the LeBautilier caseThe Conservative Party complained to the Ethics Commissioner. And yesterday, Black expressed in return.

Opposition parties in Ottawa have called for a unanimous hearing.


In November 2020, the NDP derailed another official block proposal.

The parliamentary committee then wanted to examine the “use of information” relating to “political activities, donations to a political party or candidates’ political affiliation for office.” But a new democrat voted against it, thereby “protecting” the liberals!

However, the NDP supports the idea of ​​an investigation. Its researchers confirmed that between May 2019 and August 2021, 23 generous donor judges were appointed to the Dominion.

The Globe and Mail Between 2016 and 2019, 25% of the 289 magistrates had already given to the PLC or 72. By adding 23 already, the number of donors who are NPD judges was 95.

The deputy leader of the NDP, Alexander Bouleris, expressed outrage yesterday: “Justin Trudeau is giving appointments to his friends and relatives.”


All appointed judges are “friends” of the LPC and, or, not its leader. But there really are some. Take Attorney Stefan Lacoste, who was appointed to the High Court on June 27, 2019.

By the time he entered the bench, few had pointed out that he was the secretary of PLC-Quebec (2009-2012). He ran for president in 2010. In 2013, he was the candidate for national president of PLC. In 2015, he served as legal adviser to Justin Trudeau’s Quebec campaign.

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As Michael Bastara said during “his” commission, being active in politics should never prevent you from becoming a magistrate.

However, the lack of a biased link (or, worse, having mistakes) should ensure that good candidates are not eliminated …

Radio-Canada, for example, revealed that former Liberal MP Nicola de Iorio had blocked a lawyer’s candidacy because of “separatist” allegiances.

In his book, which opened today, former Justice Jodie Wilson-Rebold denounced the many “tactics” used by Prime Minister Trudeau’s office to “influence appointments”, including obtaining “detailed and confidential lists” from the minister.

An inquiry allows us to identify flaws in the federal appointment process. Yesterday, I was able to exchange in writing with Francois Laundry, a former member of the Lametti Cabinet. He is the author of a document called Due diligence We can read here that Minister LeBautilier “was very persistent” in appointing Damian Saint-Ong, a partner of the Liberal donor, as a judge of the High Court.

He denounced the “significant discrepancies between the official account of the government and what really happened” during the Saint-Ongo appointment. “But to provide details, I need parliamentary immunity,” he said. Keep in mind that a witness is gaining this kind of immunity before a parliamentary committee or during a public hearing.