June 7, 2023

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California | Trump’s ‘big lie’ is embedded in American politics

California |  Trump’s ‘big lie’ is embedded in American politics

(Washington) If he finally called his supporters “good losers,” Republican candidate Larry Elder denounced him as Donald Trump, before the referendum on California’s Democratic governor took place on Tuesday.

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“They cheat, we know,” Democrat Gavin launched his supporter, Mr. Elder, an ultra-conservative radio host, a week before his attempt to remove the news mom.

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Republican Larry Elder condemned the “fraud” on the ballot before he suffered a crushing defeat Tuesday in a referendum on the California Democratic governor.

Funded by its electoral support, the “Stop Fraud” site called for condemning any “irregularities.”

Does anyone really believe that the California recall referendum was not rigged?

Donald Trump, Monday during the election.

The former president, who lost the 2020 election, took charge again on Tuesday to condemn the “rigged vote” as voters cast their ballots on Tuesday.

Governor Gavin Newsum finally overcame the attempt to remove him from power in this great Democratic state and accepted the defeat of Larry Elder.

A new era in American politics

The campaign, however, crystallized a new era in American politics, marked by his deep-seated allegations of electoral fraud launched by Donald Trump during the 2020 presidential election, won by his rival Joe Biden.

“Trump has never stopped running in the 2020 election and it offers many benefits,” said Richard Hassan, a professor of electoral law at the University of California, Irvine.

“It improves the base and represents Biden’s presidency as well as Democratic victories in general,” he told AFP. “And it will be used effectively to try to change the election results.”

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Already, his election “big lie”, as his critics have described, has severely affected his camp: 78% of Republicans say Joe Biden did not win the presidency in a poll published by CNN on Wednesday, almost eight months after the election. Coming to the Democrat White House.

Photo by Brendan Smylovsky, Agency France-Press Archives

Donald Trump’s electoral “big lie” has hit his camp hard: 78% of Republicans say Joe Biden did not win the presidential election in a poll released by CNN on Wednesday.

And in many key states, which could determine the outcome of the next crucial 2022 parliamentary elections and the 2024 presidential election, he is backing candidates who support his “big lie” of competing for influential billionaire positions … election agency officials.

Undermine “confidence”

Upcoming trumpeters include: Mark Finchem in Arizona, Jodie Hayes in Georgia, Jim Merchant in Nevada and Christina Caramo in Michigan.

Richard Hassan has said that Donald Trump’s support will lead to a “new level of politicization” of already biased Secretary of State positions.

This, in my opinion, is the danger we now face: those who do not respect the integrity of the process are the ones who count the ballots “.

Richard Hassan, Professor of Electoral Law at the University of California, Irvine

In early 2016 and despite his victory, Donald Trump erroneously claimed that immigrants and “ten-year-old dead” voters voted en masse for his rival Hillary Clinton.

In California, even before the election, allegations of fraud by Donald Trump and Larry Elder may have partially weakened the partnership of frustrated Republicans, with some in their camp outraged.

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“This is the most irresponsible move I have ever seen from a candidate in California during the 20 years I have been in politics here,” Ron Nehring, former president of the Republican Party in California, said on Twitter. Expose the fraud promoted by Mr. Elder.

General reasoning official Stephen Spalding lamented that Donald Trump’s “big lie” “spreads and weakens confidence in our election in a very dangerous way.”

This American organization that oversees good election practices advocates a Democratic bill that prohibits the removal of election officials for political reasons.

But for him, he explained to AFP, the best way to overcome this debilitating task is to mobilize:

“Voters must continue to cast a record number of votes.”