December 4, 2022

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Reform of Act 101 | Tea towel burns between Quebec and English-Montreal school board

Reform of Act 101 |  Tea towel burns between Quebec and English-Montreal school board

(Quebec) Joe Ortona, president of the English Montreal School Board (CSEM), condemned the organization’s controversial decision by passing a resolution in parliament on Wednesday accusing Quebec of “attacking” the English-speaking community.

Hugo Pylon-Laros

Hugo Pylon-Laros

Mr Ortona was recently expelled from Montreal’s candidate Denis Coder’s candidate team after the EMSB cited a university professor who denies the existence of a Quebec country. The quote appeared in the preamble to a resolution calling on Quebec to withdraw Bill 96, which amends the French language charter.

The resolution was amended by the school board, which recalled Wednesday that it recognized the presence of the Quebec people. The EMSB instead condemned the use of a provision in the Legalt Government Bill and asked Ottawa to refer the matter to the Supreme Court for judgment on its legality.

But at the end of the question period, on Wednesday, the government returned to charge and introduced a proposal without notice, which “condemned the contemptuous remarks against the Quebec country supported by the Anglo-Montreal School Board”, while “in any form of Quebec”. Beating And Cubacophobia. “The movement was unanimous.

For Joe Artona, the move was “an attack on us, the school board, but more precisely on the English-speaking community”.

“We are disappointed with the attitude of all parties, including the Liberal Party of Quebec. I think some MPs should stay away. [d’appuyer] This is a move, ”he added.

“We Are All Cubes”

At a press briefing, the EMSB president presented a petition on the secularism of Bill 96 or Bill 21 on the fact that opponents in the state have not “Quebec” on secularism. Beating And there are fewer cubs than those who support the government.

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“We are all Quebecs. Opposition to Bill 21 or Bill 96 does not come from Ottawa, Manitoba or Alberta. It comes from Quebecs like me and others who think these laws will not move Quebec forward,” he said.

For Mr. Ortona, the majority of Cubans support the bill, saying, “It does not make the dissenting minority anti-Quebec, Francophobes or participants in Quebec.” Beating .

“I’m a Quebec and I’m proud of it. I was born here. I have spent my whole life here. Criticizing a bill is not from Quebec Beating “, He added.

The “moderate” version replicates Quebec

Simon Jolene-Barrett, the minister responsible for the French language, reiterated on Wednesday that his version of Bill 101 was mediocre. He defended the rights of Quebec’s historic English – speaking community, especially by giving them priority in the admissions of English-language CEGEPs.

Next week, the government will launch a public hearing on the Bill 96 study. Already, two visions of French defense have been opposed. Demographics experts predicted Wednesday Tap Quebec should add measures such as limiting funding to English-speaking organizations for its reform, but many members of the English-speaking community have expressed fears that access to services in English will be reduced in Quebec in recent days.