July 7, 2022

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[VIDÉO] Franకోois Legalt calls Gabriel Nadeo-Dubois “awake”

[VIDÉO] Franకోois Legalt calls Gabriel Nadeo-Dubois "awake"

Is Franకోois Legalt the reincarnation of Maurice Duplessis? Did Gabriel Nade-Dubois wake up? The two party leaders presented a 101 course on the definition of political rivals in the National Assembly on Wednesday.

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⁇[Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois] Maurice tells us about Duplessis. He had many flaws, but he stood up for his country. He will not wake up like the leader of the Quebec Solidarity, ”the Prime Minister said on Wednesday. In the blue lounge.

The parliamentary leader of Quebec Solidarity initially accused Mr Legalt of making his “best imitation” as the historic leader of the National Union.

He was criticized for giving the role of “emperor” in Quebec when millions of voters did not represent him. “He declared himself the father of Quebec. I’m sorry I was insane, but I think someone has to do it. The prime minister is the head of his government, yes. [..] But he must be careful not to get a little embarrassed before saying that Quebec will design the whole thing on its own.

Country values

Unlike Mr. Legalt, Quebec Solidair and Quebec’s Liberal Party, unlike the “multiculturalists”, Coalition Future Quebec upholds the values ​​of the “Quebec nation” embodied in the bill. 21 On state secularism. “There are a large number of Cubs who support Bill 21 on banning religious symbols for people in power like the police,” he said.

Mr Nadezhda-Dubois declared that the Prime Minister was not the King and that citizens who disagreed with Rule 21 could not be “expelled from the country as a symbol”. “These people are also Quebecars and Quebecars,” he says.

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Gabriel Nade-Dubois faltered, however, as a sovereign, honestly by insisting with Ottawa that “it does not” affect my ability “, it does not. [l’]Not so interested. “He tried to recover his country by adding that he” wanted all the powers in Quebec “because it wanted to make a country, but the response was immediately taken up by his opponents.

“So what Quebec Solidair is telling us is, between now and the next referendum, come under our jurisdiction and invade, we like it,” said Franయిois Legalt.

“The most historic, as a statement, came from a party leader in Quebec. As we begin to defend our skills, we begin to dilute our identity as well. It is deplorable,” Family Affairs Minister Matthew Lacombe said on social media.

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However, it remains to be seen what the Prime Minister will have in mind. In the corridors of the National Assembly, Franకోois Legalt told the parliamentary press that it would “take a long time” to explain the definition of the term. Minister Lakambe was reluctant to “participate” in these definitions. Minister Eric Khair tried the joke, wondering if it was used to “make pad Thai”.

For the Prime Minister’s Office, the term has “many definitions”, but if awake, especially the “party leader” would be against “Quebec interests” without fighting for regional jurisdiction.

Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois, questioned on the matter, assures that “he does not know what the Prime Minister means by launching this label”, but that “this is not a compliment in his mouth”.

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“It specifically reveals that his support for the Conservatives will not be accepted, and he knows that the Quebec Solidarity will grow and that it will embarrass him,” the spokesman analyzed.

– Vincent Laurin, in collaboration with the agency QMI

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