November 27, 2022

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Grevin Montreal closed its doors

Grevin Montreal closed its doors

Wax statues of Grevin Montreal could not withstand the epidemic. The museum announced today that it was closing its doors for good the same day. About forty of the 128 statues in the establishment have a second life in Paris. But open auction will not be considered.

Mado Lamote and his statue at the Grevin Montreal inauguration in April 2013.

Photo archives, agency QMI

Mado Lamote and his statue at the Grevin Montreal inauguration in April 2013.

Leading French brand Grevin launched its first international version in April 2013 in downtown Montreal. Eight-and-a-half years later, the Compagnie des Alps decided to lock the door to the Eaton Center Museum.

Grevin Montreal General Manager Kathleen Poet confirmed that the decision was made because of the epidemic. “We were closed for almost 50 weeks [depuis le printemps 2020], She says. We reopened the doors in late February, but attendance did not live up to our expectations. “

The complete absence of foreign tourists, not to mention other areas in Quebec, far from Montreal, damaged the museum. And since it was a French-controlled private company, the company, like other museums, could not benefit from the subsidies.

Prior to the outbreak, Grevin Montreal employed 35 to 40 people. After dismissing most of the team at the start of the epidemic, the company has had about 20 employees since it reopened.

No auction

With this closure, what is the condition of the 128 statues in the museum? “We are currently offering the personalities a chance to get their lives back so he can have a second life,” Mr said.To me Payet.

Thirty-nine statues, Quebecars known abroad, but also some international stars must travel to the Greven Museum in Paris. Grivin Montreal is also in talks to make donations to some Quebec museums.

No, you can’t buy a Ricardo statue to keep proud in your kitchen! The auction for the public was not anticipated by the museum. “Since we’re talking about the image of real people, we can’t do that,” M replies.To me Payet. It will be nothing. “

What if a Quebec artist decides not to reclaim his statue, and the museum does not even want it? “It wasn’t a decision we made yet at that point,” the director replied.

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