May 23, 2022

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Preparing for negotiations: Looking back, MP Andre Fortin will not help Trudeau

Preparing for negotiations: Looking back, MP Andre Fortin will not help Trudeau

If this is to happen again, PLQ parliamentary leader Andre Fortin will not help Justin Trudeau prepare for the leaders’ debate.

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“There are differences between Mr. Trudeau and me on issues of jurisdiction,” Mr. Fortin reiterated his national arguments in an interview with the Parliamentary Bureau.

The Pontiac member, who has been in a bad condition since Tuesday, admitted in a full parliamentary re-entry that he had advised Justin Trudeau in the federal election campaign. According to his boss Dominic Anglade, he found himself helping a politician who, with his promises of health, “indirectly oversees the Quebec government”.

Since then, Franకోois Legalt has never missed an opportunity to portray the Liberal Party of Quebec as a “branch” of Ottawa. Andre Fortin wants to destroy this film.

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The parliamentary leader introduced a resolution in the National Assembly during the day that “denies all promises of interference in the Quebec jurisdiction put forward by several federal political parties in the current election campaign”. He urges all political parties in the assembly to “promote respect for the Quebec jurisdiction” among elected federal officials.

A friend

But why did Justin Trudeau and his central platform help when he was opposed to it? “Mr. Trudeau, he’s a friend, he’s the one who asked me for advice,” he explained, admitting that he would “choose a different path” to help him do so. He said he was asked to “provide a Quebec nationalist perspective”.

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But it does not slip. If there are “differences” between the concepts of federalism and Mr. Trudeau, there are deep divisions, other things that bring them closer together, especially the environment and social policies to fight poverty.

“It is not impossible for MPs to support a political party without believing in every value.” Pascal Berube supports Black without trusting the third link. Franకోois Legalt instructs people to vote for the Conservative Party, but I dare say he cannot defend their position on abortion, on guns, on the environment, ”he said.

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