May 18, 2022

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Olimel closes permanently its plant in Henryville, Monterigi

Olimel closes permanently its plant in Henryville, Monterigi

The Olimel management announced the news to employees Wednesday morning, before making a public announcement in the afternoon. The plant will close on November 12.

A total of 29 jobs will be cut as a result of this closure, but Olimel wants a total of 29 employees […] Other companies in the area may remain within the company and make all necessary efforts to do so, Olimel President and CEO, supported Regian Nadeau in a press release.

We have several other establishments in Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu and in Saint-Rosalie and Saint-Damascus. So we are likely to transfer a total of 29 employees who will be affected by this decision.

A quote from:Richard Vignalt, Olimel spokesman, in an interview

The company explains that this decision was made after evaluation With care This product has its capabilities and requirements in the field.

The investments needed to keep the plant afloat were, in the end, not profitable, Mr Vignalt added. This is a purely financial business decision.

Less than 2 years of existence

The plant has been owned by Olimel since January 2020 and was acquired by the company when the family business acquired the pig business from F. Munard. It specializes in processed pork products such as bacon.

A spokesman for Olimel said the plant, which was built in 2011, did not require major renovations, but the company instead See how [les opérations] Can be done as cheaply as possible.

Olimel therefore devised the 70,000-square-foot facility less than two years after it was purchased. A company spokesman, however, explained that this period was sufficient to come to the conclusion that the profitability of the plant could not be achieved.

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F. Munard All of the assets were traded before the epidemic, so especially for this establishment, one should wait until the decision is ripe and take the time to make estimates., Said Mr. Vignalt.

The company is continuing its reflection to find out what it does with the site and the buildings.

The union representing the workers at the plant was not available for comment at the time of publication.