March 20, 2023

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JSK: Sthambhauli is planning to leave

JSK: Sthambhauli is planning to leave

JSK completes first internship at Tikjda and prepares to launch 2ndE Preparation phase in the internship to be conducted in Algiers.

So far, the group is not complete, there is an extension of vacation internationally, but it is difficult to recruit new foreign recruits Algiers, new recruits join the group within 2E Internships and other aspects such as Doha should be taken care of by the technical staff and tailor made programs should be designed to cater to them. Until last Tuesday, the preparation was “going on under good conditions, and the coach was satisfied with his players”. These remarks were made by former President Charif Mellal recruiting ten new players from Stambauli and Tiksada into their old association, and if Mellal delights exit players, old and new players who fear for them by extending their salaries and their adventure with John et Vert‌, French coach Henry Stombouli J The change made a few days after coming to is not appreciated at all. Djurdjura sprouted in his mind. In fact, according to the former FC Istress coach’s entourage, the latter in the JSK was not at all comfortable, and since this was the beginning of the legal battle between Mellal and Irichen, he constantly followed assurances that whoever recruited him would not be willing to deal with it and that the opponents’ efforts would not be successful. It must be said that he believed, and he gave Stambouli in the form of assurances before justice could decide these ideas.

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The transfer of power by force of law last Thursday had a bombing effect on Stamboley, especially last week, when he followed Irichen’s statements that the new chairman of the board had spoken out against the technical staff on his team. At first, he and Rachid Azouwau did not keep Stambouli, the tone has changed since then, but Irichen also knew he had to change coach, knowing that the contract had been legally signed by his predecessor. Pay the full monthly payment of the contract signed by the Frenchman, so his words literally changed, declaring last weekend that he had no choice but to ‘keep Stambooli’, the comments circulating through the media and naturally adopted by Stambooli, who did not appreciate this position of the new leaders and since then, He was not comfortable and the current did not flow because he had to be between two people, rather than on the first contact during a training session on Thursday in Tijuana, when supporters demonstrated themselves on the Irichen and Azoua handrail, which reflected little of the coach’s mood since then. At the moment, Stamboley is continuing his mission, but there is no guarantee that he will continue his mission until the end of the season, a month before the start of the sports season and the African qualifies for a tete-a-tet between JSK’s matches, pus bursting, the club’s installing DS It is possible to communicate well with the structure and possibly find a setting.