November 27, 2022

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Bruno Marchand claimed to be a victim of personal attacks

Bruno Marchand claimed to be a victim of personal attacks

Quebec mayoral candidate Bruno Marchand on Sunday claimed that his candidates were the target of “personal attacks” and “rumors” from the opposition party. “We land in the mud,” he advised.

Mr. Marchand did not name the party in question, but Equip is likely to refer to Mary-Josie Saward. He said he hopes to do a respectable campaign by November 7th.

“I hope we can. It depends on the other parties. We, our decision on this is clear. We work on ideas, we discuss ideas. […], But there will be no personal attacks, ”the head of Quebec Forte et Fear announced at a press conference.

“Some of our candidates and I have already been the target of personal attacks from a different party. For us, we will not go there. We will not land in the mud. This is not what we want to demonstrate.”

“We have been told that personal attacks are taking place, and we have decided not to go there. We have decided not to discredit other people involved in politics by personally attacking them,” he said after being invited to clarify his thoughts.


By launching his campaign on Thursday, MTo me Saward alleged that Bruno Marchand was throwing clouds. On the same day, between their political structures, there was a confrontation about the appointment of QFF in the Saint-Theres-de-Lyceus district, and about Mary Franz Trudeau, the former general manager of Team Laboum.

M.To me Trudeau indicated that she had left Team Laboum‌, but that the party had thanked her.

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“When we talk about the contempt we currently have in Quebec, it comes mainly from elected officials. There is something to change,” Marchand said.

He is in the running for an election commitment to build a new multifunctional sports center in the St. Louis-Sillary district that caters to the practice of curling, pickball and potanku.

QFF is in consultation with two curling associations in the city’s territory and is ready to sell their dilapidated buildings financially for the project.

More details to come …