February 24, 2024

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Should sanctions be relaxed in the most vacant areas?

Should sanctions be relaxed in the most vacant areas?

Are we moving towards partially lifting the relevant restrictions Kovid-19 ? Reflection is open in any case, let the executive know for a few days. As the epidemic situation improves, “the health pass to local conditions and the evolution of local conditions, perhaps others, will reflect how we can adapt to the rules.” Government spokesman Gabriel Attal said Sunday. The Defense Council will also review compliance with the rules on Wednesday. The government is specifically looking at the incidence rate in the territories.

Different conditions depending on the terrain

While the alert threshold is set to 50, today almost thirty units are much lower than average. For example, the situation is similar in Silver, Somme, Corez or Nevre. In the next section, Fabian Bazin, president of the Departmental Council, opined that the time was near for health measures to be reduced. “The Security Council requested that in addition to the International Atomic Energy Agency’s ongoing inspections in Iran, that it monitor Iran’s compliance with” the steps required by the IAEA Board “.

“In cities like Paris-Lyon-Marseille and Nivre the situation is clearly different in terms of attendance,” he stressed. “In restaurants, it makes no sense when you have three people sitting on the terrace and we ask for a sanitary pass when it’s five meters between the couple and the man sipping his coffee. Scientific fiction.”

According to some experts, “too soon”

Also, the electorate continued, “In a territory like Nivre, partial or total measures are lifted, and I think specifically about the sanitary pass, as long as one has good quality the level of circulation of the virus it allows”.

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But be careful not to go too fast, warns Dominique Costagliola, director of INSERM research. “I think it was too early,” the specialist said. “You have to look at the spread of the virus and therefore have to look at the incidence rates for at least 4 to 6 weeks to tell yourself ‘it looks calm, we can go there.’ And then I always have a question about local action. It’s hard to do. “

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